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INTERNAL ANALYSIS OF LIFE GLOW.COM Appraising resources: - (Tangible resources) Financial tangible resources:1. Borrowing capacity:2.

Internal fund generation:Physical tangible resources:1. Location:- Bhubaneswar 2. Land & Buildings:- Office (20 lakhs) (Intangible resources) Technology:1. Patents:- 2(Search engine optimization patent, Encryption Algorithm) 2. Copyrights:- Life 3. R&D facilities:- necessary updates for the website, we are developing apps for various platforms.

nil. Commerce graduates. MBA professionals. Development of innovative new products Updates for the updates and development of apps .Engineers. Microsoft DBMS R&D Research capability. Identify the firm’s capabilities:Functions MIS Capabilities Speed and responsiveness through rapid information transfer Life glow SAP systems. MBBS. Employee qualification: . Turnover: . 2.Reputation:- Human resources:1.

Technology R3. Econsulting Marketing& Services Responsiveness to market trends Assessing a company’s resources and capabilities:Resources R1.Design Design capability In house development team Care profile.Finance R2.Location 7 6 Importance 9 8 8 Life glow relative strength 8 7 .Plant & Equipment R4.

Government C7.Product development C2.Purchasing Importance 9 7 7 8 7 6 8 Life glow strength .Marketing and sales relations C6.Financial management C4.Engineering C3.R&D C5.Capabilities C1.