Zap virtual notebook

Developed by: zarnigar altaf Supervised by: Mam bushra sikander

What Is A web application?
A web application is an application that is accessed over a network such as the Internet. The term may also mean a computer software application that is coded in a browsersupported language and reliant on a common web browser.

What is VNB?
•Stands for Virtual Note book •VNB is a concept of making lectures online over the network, without down -loading heavy software on your computer’s hard disk. User just have to register on the server and get logged in and make lectures.

First Interface
•Tutorial •About VNB •Register •Login •Contact us and feed-back

Zap Virtual Notebook Interface

Text Operations
•Basic operations •Color operation •Align •Case •Indent •Writing style •Link/unlink

Insert Operations
•Add Subject •Add pages •Image insertion •Sticky note •Table row/col insertion •Graph •Shapes

Draw Event
•Draw diagram •Change pen size •Eraser •Change pen color •Clear drawing area •Save and show it

View Event
•Date and Time •Full Screen Mode •Geo-location •New Copy

•Web capture •Speech to text •Text to speech

Save and print
•Save •Print


•ZAP Virtual Note Book is developed with an intention to provide a non-commercial platform to students, where they can do their work on a cybernetic environment. •They should be able to note their lectures online and save it on a server, where also they have the facility to share a lot of stuff. The main objective is to condense the usage of heavy, expensive soft wares. •Hence ZAP Virtual Note Book will provide a very effective way of learning and sharing among students


Thank you

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