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Marguerite Riel née Monet dit Belhumeur (1861-1886

Marguerite was born in Fort De La Riviere, Souris on January 5, 1861 to Jean Belhumeur and Marie Eulalie Malaterre. Marguerite Monet married Louis David Riel according to “the custom of the country” at Flat Creek. Later, Father Damiani a Jesuit Priest from St. Peter’s Mission married them on March 6, 1882 at Carroll, Montana. They had 3 children. • • • Jean Louis Riel born May 4, 1882 in Carroll, Montana. Jean married Laura Casualt. He died on July 31, 1908 at the age of 26, from injuries resulting from a buggy accident. Jean and Laura had no children. Marie Angelique Riel born September 17, 1883 in St. Peter's Mission, Montana. She died of diphtheria in 1897 just before she was to turn fourteen years old. Joseph Riel was born prematurely on October 24, 1885 in St-Vital (Winnipeg), he died as an infant in 1885.

While living in Montana at St. Peter’s Mission in 1884 the Riel’s shared the house of James Swain Jr. (b. 1822) and his wife Marie Arcand (b. 1834). James and his brother John Swain traveled with Riel to Batoche in 1885. John was killed in the 1885 Resistance. When the fighting ended at Batoche Marguerite and her children lived by hiding in caves. Eventually Louis’ brother Joseph Riel appeared and took them to St. Vital to live with Louis’ mother, Julie Lagimodière Riel. Marguerite died of tuberculosis in May of 1886. Weakened by the events of Batoche and her husband’s imprisonment, the premature birth and death of her third child added to her grief. Marguerite’s suffering continued with Louis’ execution for his involvement in the Resistance of 1885. After his execution she stayed with his family in St. Vital. She died of tuberculosis in May of 1886, the final blow dealt to a greatly diminished existence. She was buried beside her beloved Louis Riel in St. Boniface. Their daughter, Marie Angélique died of diphtheria in 1897 just before she was to turn fourteen years old. Their son, Jean married Laura Casault, a daughter of a Québec family. Jean died July 31, 1908, at the age of twenty-six from injuries resulting from a buggy accident. Jean and Laura had no children.



Marguerite Riel’s Death Certificate (Louis Riel Institute Historic Documents Collection)


Marguerite’s Parents: Jean Belhumeur dit Monet and Marie Eulalie Malaterre Jean and Marie Eulalie were the parents of Marguerite Monet dit Belhumeur who married Louis David Riel. Jean’s uncle, Michel Monet Jr. was married to the daughter of Chief Little Shell I. This made Chief Little Shell II Michel’s brother-in-law. Jean Belhumeur was born on September 20, 1832 in St-Francois-Xavier. He died on March 15, 1898 at Fort Ellice. He married Marie Eulalie Malaterre born March 31, 1839 in St-Francois-Xavier on January 10, 1860. Jean was the son of Andre Monet (b. 1805) and Marguerite Maron (b. 1810). His father; Andre Monet, was born on February 7, 1805 in Berthierville, Quebec. He was the son of Michel Monet1 and Marguerite Grant, the daughter of Cuthbert James Grant Sr. and Utinawasis (Cree). Andre died on Aril 13, 1881 in Pembina, North Dakota. Jean’s mother was Marguerite Maron, born circa 1809/1810 in NWT she died after 1852 in Pembina, North Dakota. She was the daughter of Jean Baptiste Maron and Francoise Brunoche. Jean and Marie Eulalie had the following children: • Marguerite Belhumeur, born January 15, 1861 in Fort Ellice. She married Louis Riel on March 9, 1882 in Carroll, Montana. • Marie Anne Belhumeur, born on July 15, 1862 in St-Francois-Xavier. She married John F. Forgey on March 5, 1883 in Carroll, Montana. • Patrice Belhumeur, born on July 20, 1863 in St-Francois-Xavier. He married Isabelle Fiddler (b. 1861) on January 31, 1888 at St. Eustache. He then married Cecile Fleury (b. 1875) on September 13, 1894 at St. Lazare. • Napoleon Belhumeur, born on May 30, 1867 in St-Francois-Xavier. He married Therese Fleury (b. 1880) on April 26, 1895 at Fort Ellice. • Madeleine Belhumeur, born December 15, 1869 in St-Francois-Xavier. She married Jean Marie Fleury (b. 1864) on May 18, 1886 at St. Lazare. Maternal Grandparents: Jean Baptiste Malaterre Sr. (b. 1783) and Angelique Adam (b. 1796) Jean Baptiste and Angelique were married circa 1815. Angelique died September 1, 1856 in St-Francois-Xavier. Jean Baptiste died April 28, 1853 in St-Francois-Xavier. This couple were the grandparents of Marguerite Belhumeur, the wife of Louis David Riel. Their son Jean Baptiste Malaterre was a scout for Jean Baptiste Falcon’s St. Francois
Michel Monet and Marguerite Grant’s son Michel Jr. born 1802, married Josephte Little Shell, the daughter of Chief Little Shell I and sister of Little Shell II. They had six children; Michel Jr. b. 1825; Oliver b. 1827; Josephte b. 1829; Antoine b. 1838 (noted as chief Little Shell’s nephew in the note on his Metis Scrip shown below); Marguerite b. 1839 and Francois b. 1841. He and Reine Lagimodiere had one child, Marianne born in 1832. Subsequently, Michel married Suzanne Josephte Bruyere, the daughter of Jean Baptiste Bruyere a brother-in-law of Little Shell. They had seven children. Michel Jr. was issued Metis Scrip #158 under the 1864 Red Lake and Pembina Chippewa Treaty


Xavier hunt and was killed by the Dakota at the Battle of the Grand Coteau on July 13, 1851. Their children were: • Jean Baptiste Jr., 1815-1851) Jean Baptiste was the son of Jean Baptiste Malaterre Sr. (b. 1781) and Angelique Adam.2 Jean Baptiste was first married to Therese Comtois, the daughter of Jean Baptiste Comtois and Angelique Vallee in 1839 at SFX. They had three children. Therese died after giving birth to their third child in January 1846. He then married Louise Marchand dite Lapierre, the daughter of Antoine Marsant dit Lapierre and Louise Machegone in 1850 at SFX. They had a daughter Marie, born March 25, 1851. Jean Baptiste was killed at the Battle of the Grand Coteau on July 13, 1851 and reportedly buried either at the site of the battle or along the Sheyanne River. Jean Baptiste Malaterre’s youngest sister Marie born March 31, 1839 was the mother of Marguerite Belhumeur dit Monet, the wife of Louis Riel. Marguerite, born circa 1819, she married Louis Morin dit Perreault in 1835. Louison Morin was the son of Francois Perreault dit Morin and Marie Grant (the daughter of Cuthbert Grant Sr. and his Cree wife). Isabelle, born circa 1826, she married Gabriel “Su serde surrett” Poitras (b. 1820) in 1842 at SFX. Gabriel was the son of Andre Henri Poitras and Marguerite Grant. Gabriel abd Isabelle were Turtle Mountain Band members. Gabriel signed the 1878 Cypress Hills Metis Hunting Band petition for a reserve as did his brother-in-law Louis Malaterre. Charlotte, born circa 1828 at St. Francois Xavier, she married Francois Alarie the son of Louis Alarie and Marie Desjarlais. Basile, born circa 1830 at St. Francois Xavier. Helene, born circa 1831 at St. Francois Xavier. Marie Eulalie, born March 31, 1839 in St-Francois-Xavier. She married Jean Baptiste Belhumeur (b. 1832) the son of Jean Baptiste Belhumeur and Angelique Adam. Their children were: Marguerite Belhumeur, born January 15, 1861 at Fort Ellice; Marie Anne Belhumeur, born July 15, 1862 at SFX; Patrice Belhumeur, born July 20, 1863 at SFX; Napoleon Belhumeur, born May 30, 1869 at SFX; Madeleine Belhumeur, born December 15, 1867 at SFX; Louis Malaterre, born September 28, 1834. He married Euphrosine La Pierre, the daughter of Antoine La Pierre and Louise Machegone in 1853 at SFX. They were members of the Turtle Mountain Band. He signed the 1878 Cypress Hills Metis Hunting Band petition for a reserve. He also signed the September 7, 1876 petition from the Metis at Fort Walsh to join Treaty Four. Angelique Malaterre. Joseph, married Marie Madeleine Vivier, in 1842 at SFX.

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Likely the daughter of Jean Baptiste Adam and Josephte “Montagnaise.” Her brother Joseph Adam (b. 1792 at Red River) was employed with the HBC as a mail carrier. He lived in St. Norbert.



Compiled by Lawrence Barkwell Coordinator of Metis Heritage and History Research Louis Riel Institute