Sean Hanna: FaILInG WeSTeRn neW YORK FaMILIeS


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If Sean Hanna gets elected to the New York State Senate, our kids and entire communities will be less safe. While New York has tough laws to protect us from pesticides and other dangerous pollutants, Hanna is the prime sponsor of legislation to weaken those protections1— putting the health of our families at risk. Hanna is so extreme, he even opposed cracking down on toxic chemicals in children’s products,2 though they can lead to developmental defects, reproductive problems and cancer. Sean Hanna never lets the facts get in the way of his extreme views. Don’t let him threaten our families’ health.

On Nov. 6, Vote NO on Hanna
Check the Facts 1 NYS Assembly bill A.7739-2011; 2 Vote on NYS Assembly bill A.3141A-2012

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