Downtown Drop-In Day Resource Center Property Evaluation Matrix

Property Address ____________________________________________ Date ___________________

Criteria: The following ranking criterion provides specific guidance to establishing a score of each associated ranking element. Selection of a homeless day center involves many variables, all of which cannot be captured in a basic metric such as the one shown below. However, the tool below can be helpful for identifying the approximate site size necessary to accommodate the facility.

Size of Site and Location
1. Proximity to Important Existing Facilities (I.M. Sulzbacher, Trinity Rescue Mission, Clara White Mission, ect.) Proximity to Police and Fire Response Services Proximity of the homeless population including those with physical/mental disabilities Safe routes for Pedestrians, Bicycles and Mass Transit (including space for angled parking and driveways with ample turning radius) Room for growth or expansion

Possible Points 4

Excellent (4 points)

Good (3 points)

Average (2 points)

Weak (1 points)

Poor (0 points)

2. 3. 4.

4 4 4



Is the Proposed Site Conducive for the following On-Site Amnesties and Services
6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Reception area seating and laminated photomembership ID processing Mailboxes and Mailing Address Universal intake to access to full array of homeless services Office space ensuring security and confidentiality Computers with Internet Connections,Telephones and Community Voice Mail Restrooms, Showers and Storage Lockers Clothing Closet, Washer & Dryers Exercise and Recreational Area Outside Recreation Patio Area (Tables, Chairs, benches, possible garden) Access to Medical Clinic Rotating service providers providing linkage to other available services

Possible Points 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4
Excellent (4 points) Good (3 points) Average (2 points) Weak (1 points) Poor (0 points)

14. 15.

4 4

Existing Site Development
16. 17. 18. Is the Facility City Owned? Zoning and Land Use Environmental Concerns: Flood Prone Area / Site Drainage, Proximity to Natural Hazards / Hazardous Materials, Soils Contaminants, Asbestos, Etc. Availability of Electrical, Water & Sewer Utilities

Possible Points 5 5 5 YES (5 points) NO (0 points)



Sub-Total Cost of Acquisition, Rehab and Build-Out
20. 21. $500k or less $500K or more

Possible Points 20 0 YES NO





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