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OSPREY Mcrae tier ears The Thracians 700 BC — AD 46 Christopher Webber - Illustrated by Angus McBride CHRISTOPHER WEBBER was ‘born in Reading in 1961 and lived in the UK, Sierra Leone land Sri Lanka before moving to ‘Sydney in 1972. Having gained a number of degrees and diplomas he is currently ‘studying Ancient History at the University of New England, ‘Armindale, NSW and works as a archacological sites in Bulgaria, His many interests include writing, creating web sites (including a massive web site about the Thracians, their neighbours, and ancestors at thrace), eyeling, singing, bbushwalking and wargaming. ANGUS MCBRIDE, one of the world’s most respected historical illustrators, has contributed te more than 70 Osprey titles over the past 25 years. Born in 1931 of Highland parents but orphaned as a child, he received a musical education at Canterbury Cathedral Choir Schoo! in 1940-45. He worked in advertising agencies from 1947, and is a self-taught artist. After national service in the Royal Fusiliers, 1949-51, in 1953 Angus emigrated to South Africa. He returned to the UK in 1961, and has worked freelance over sinc With his wife and two children tne returned to South Africa in 1976, since when he has lived ‘and worked in Cape Town. | CONTENTS ————— HISTORICAL OUTLINE THRACIAN COSTUME | © Ghusical and Archaie periods ¢ Hellenistic and Roman eras ARMOUR # Helmets + body armour WEAPONS, fords and knives ~ machaira or hopis~ akinakes the rhumphaia THE THRACIAN ARMY salty ~ nunbers = equipment ~ haises jer cavalry developments light javetinmen, * peltasts — javelins and long spears ~ shield variations THRACIAN TACTICS # Peltast tactics * hill forts and field fortifications. | SELECT BIBLIOGRAPHY THE PLATES INDEX 20 24 34 40 43 48 Men-at-Arms * 360 OSPREY The Thracians 700 BC — AD 46 Christopher Webber - Illustrated by Angus McBride Series editor Martin Windrow

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