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FYP Project

A cockpit controlled radio airplane


Gives beginners a chance to fly an airplane from the cockpit The screen is a live feed from a camera installed on the plane (real world flying) No license is required to fly the airplane from the cockpit

Previous inventions
Microsoft Flight Simulator

Disadvantages of Flight Sim.

Unable to recreate environment to every detail

Disadvantages of Flight Sim.

Imagine flying with animations
Poor textures Little vegetation Poor details Doesnt give users a realistic feel

SOAR allows the user to fly the airplane in his surroundings. (Singapore Polytechnic, house etc.)

SOAR: Cockpit
Altimeter Airspeed Indicator Attitude Indicator Turn Indicator Heading Indicator Vertical Speed Indicator

SOAR: external view

Flaps lights lights

Pinhole camera (POV)

SOAR: Cockpit view

SOAR: Communications
How does the cockpit and airplane communicate with each other?

Wireless Radio Frequency Control

SOAR: Wireless
Using an Ad-Hoc connection, commands from the cockpit is passed to the airplane
Wireless USB Adapter Cockpit Router

SOAR: Radio
Using a frequency, commands are passed from the cockpit to the airplane via a transmitter and receiver.
Cockpit (transmitter) Antenna (receiver)