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No (2) Paleik Textile and Garment Basic Labour Organization Mandalay region (Union house opening)

Name Type of work Employees Ownership Registration received date Registration date membership Present membership Opening office

No (2) Paleik Textile and Garment Basic Labour Organization Textile and Garment (Cloth Manufacture) 2,000 Government, Ministry of Industry 1 2012 Sep 12 65 400 within factory compound.

FTUB had the opportunity to attend the union house opening ceremony of the No (2) Paliek Textile and Garment Basic Labour Organization located at Sink Kai township, Mandalay. The factory is owned by the government. It is truly remarkable (we can say it is historic moment for the trade union movement in Myanmar) that a union was formed at a government department and that the union executives could negotiate a union house within the compound. It was also reported that 12 out of 13 points put up by the union was agreed and acted upon by the management (regular weekends, 8 hr working days, un paid leave for university examinations etc. FTUB is working on a program that can be run for the union's members of the Paleik Garment union as well as other unions and activist in the Mandalay and surrounding areas.

Young union members encouraged to request for a Youth Committee

70 % of the work force are women encouraged to request for a Women Committee

FTUB on work to be done in developing / strengthening the union as well as the capacity of the members.

U Win Naing (LLB) of the ILO facilitators network encouraging the members.

Union President briefing the FTUB and other supporters on the update situation

U Kyaw Kyaw Soe 8888 students - one who helped the worker sin their beginning days encouraging and on the worked to be done in future

FTUB VP on why trainings are needed and for systematic and stable approach

Reception area and food for those attending the union house opening function.