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Education in GB 1. What is the average number of students at primary schools? 25 27 students 2. What is the aim of primary school?

? To teach children to read well and handle numbers. 3. How long do schools devote to literacy and numeracy? One hour every day 4. How do schools get money to buy equipment such as computers? Teachers and parents collect money through special events and sponsorships. 5. What does a school uniform usually consist of? A shirt, a tie, and a blazer. 6. What percentage of students goes on to further education? Around 17% 7. What do A-levels stand for? Advanced level examinations 8. What is a gap year? A year out of education for working experience or to travel. 9. How many students go on to higher education? 1 in 3 students 10. How does teaching take place at university? By lectures and seminars 11. Where do university students live? In the first year they live in a room at the university and after that they find a flat in town.