Hello, My name Is (withheld), and I have worked as a CNA at an assisted living facility in my area for three years.

I have witnessed many coalitions for absentee voting at this nursing home. In general, the representatives who contact the residents under the care of our facility are pushy, and disrespectful, but I have never seen the absurdity, and aggression with which the people who came to the home to get absentee votes conducted themselves this last week for this upcoming presidential election. During the initial day where our residents were able to cast their votes, those with the presence of mind, and desire to do so completed the process according to their own prerogative. Things went pretty much as usual. While the absentee ballot “helpers” were slightly condescending to the elderly citizens, asking them who they were voting for, and repeatedly asking them “Now, are you sure?”,referencing the individuals choice of candidate, and I could help but notice the obvious liberal agenda displayed, the purpose of their presence in the facility was being completed sufficiently. However, on the second day, the volunteers started in on the seniors who did not express interest, and even more disturbingly, those whom suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease, and Dementia, as well as those who openly resisted casting a ballot, giving the reason that they didn’t keep up with the election, don’t know what any candidate stood for, and didn’t feel comfortable voting. Instead of RESPECTING these individuals’ right to decline casting a vote, they were badgered to the point where they would cast a vote for the sheer desire to be left alone. At one point, I counted SIX ballot collectors enter a resident’s room at once with the intention of convincing them to vote, after the woman had already said she would rather not vote. The patient’s families were outraged, as well as the staff of the facility. The family members of those being badgered would come and try to keep them out of the building for as long as they could, to help their loved ones avoid the bombardment and assault of these people. The family members that came to help their senior parents and grandparents, were chastised by the absentee representatives, if they helped their loved one in any way, even as the reps stood by to oversee their guidance. One member of our living community had asked her daughter, who was also her Power of Attorney, to help her with the ballot, and when the finished ballot was presented, it was subsequently torn up, as the absentee volunteer informed these two voters that THEY were the only ones who could assist the residents with their ballots. The manner in which these seniors were being treated during this process was completely ridiculous. Many of these individuals don’t know their own name, where they are, or what decade they are in. When the absentee officials were told of the patient’s mental status, the professionals who care for them day in and day out, and are very familiar with their medical conditions, and their status of awareness, were completely disregarded. I felt that the people who I care for, and care about, were being disrespected, and mistreated during this event. Being openly asked who you are voting for, and, given a hard time when the absentee voting representative didn’t agree with the answer presented, is completely unjust. As Americans, these people deserve the right

to vote, or NOT VOTE according to their wishes, and not to be bombarded by these people if they have chosen the latter. I don’t know if there is any way to fix this issue, but I feel that remaining silent about the invasive nature of these absentee vote collectors would have been a disservice to the wonderful people who have been put in my care, and all of the citizens of the U.S. who are subjected to these kinds of scenarios around the country during elections on all governmental levels. Thank you for time, I feel that this is becoming a more prominent issue and I would very much be interested in your thoughts and opinions on the matter. Sincerely (withheld)