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Things we MAY have in common

Nice wine Someones Son Someones Uncle

OU Student

On this Course, with YOU Blue eyes Work in DIGITAL MEDIA

Good food

Linkedin User

Motorcycle Rider Looking for a new job

Cyclist European Husband to one Someone's Cousin Drives a Car

Someones Dad

Keen Gardener

Maintain a Blog Bristol Rugby Supporter British

Someones Brother
Bristolian (live in Bristol)

Twitter user 6ft tall Facebook user

Brown hair

Im a man

Prefers wine over beer Watching my weight


Apple convert

Born in the late 60s In my 40s

Supports Movember

Diverse musical tastes

1. Drinking habits; likes / loves / hates 2. Eating habits; likes / loves / hates 3. Employment; past / present / future (was once, am now, want to be) 4. Family & Familial Bonds 5. Nationality 6. Gender 7. Sexual Orientation 8. Rationality / Local Dialect 9. Languages 10. Pastimes; paid / unpaid 11. Sport; what you play / what & who you follow 12. Modes of transport 13. Music tastes Were on this course TOGETHER