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GDE- Co>Os 2.10.15 3 days
Training Program: This training program is designed to get the knowledge of Parallelism, Partitioning and Advanced Features of Ab-initio. The program not covers the basics of Ab-inito. The course contents are designed only for the users/administrators and developers who are already working in the same. Target Audience: Software Engineers/Developers/System Analysts/Business Analysts/Database Designers/Project Leaders

*(0) Comparision of Ab-initio with Other ETL’s *(1) Ab-initio Components Sort Filter by expression Join Reformat Rollup Aggregate Replicate Gather Logs Run program Update Table Scan * (2) Working with Debugger. * (3) Working with lookup files. * (4) What is Priority and priority assignment? * (5) Limit and ramp * (6) Forms of Parallelism Component Parallelism Pipeline Parallelism Data Parallelism * (7) Partitioning and De-partitioning? BroadCast

. * (13) Working with environment variables * (14) Normalization and Demoralization Components.10.14. * (16) What is EME? How to setup the EME? * (17) What is Sandbox? How to setup the Sandbox? * (18) Setting up GDE.Partition By Expression Partition By Percentage Partition By Range Partition By Round-Robin Concatenate Gather Merge InterLeave Deadlock Layouts Phases and Checkpoints Advanced Topics * (8) What is Multi file and Multi directory? What are the multi file/multi directory Commands? m_mkfs command m_mkdir m_ls * (9) Testing and validation Components DML Features Data Cleansing Generating Test Data Testing Strategies * (10) Modify the Generated Script. * (11) Working with Graph parameters. * (12) Linked Graphs.13 and 2. * (15) Implementation Of TYPE II SCD. * (19) Differences between 2.

* (20) Working with Packages * (21) Commit tables in Checkpoints * (22) Participants Evaluation .