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Equipment list

Video CameraThis video camera will be used to capture still images that will be edited to produce our opening sequence. This camera is both hand held and mountable to capture a wide variety of shots and angles in our production.


The tripod is used for mounting the camera allowing the camera to capture the moving images very steady. This makes the production look more professional as it decreases movement.

SD CardThe SD Card located in the Video camera is used to save the moving images and is stored in here. This can then be inserted into the computer to directly edit the videos captured.

Raja Kavaiya

CameraThe camera will be used to capture still images of the opening sequence to produce the storyboard. It will also be used to capture images for the weekly minutes and the angles and shots used in out production.

Macbook/LaptopThe Macbook and laptops will me used to edit our blogs. This will also be used to carry out research, logos ect.

Apple MacThe Mac will be used to edit the captured moving images. The software on the Mac that will be used to edit the videos is called Final cut pro

Raja Kavaiya

LED up-light barThe LED up-lighting bar will be used in the location to set the mode of the shed. The RGB lighting will allow us to choose for a wide range of colors e.g. Red to connote danger in our scene.

Final Cut ProThis software will be used to edit the videos we record to produce the final piece. This will also allow us to add sounds, music, and bring together out production. This software is also for mainstream films. The tool kit in our production will be used to connote danger. A tool will also be used in our sequence such as the hammer for abuse to a character.



Raja Kavaiya

LadderThe ladder will allow the camera man access to high shots, birds-eye and canted shots. This will add creativity to our production giving the audience a wide range of shots and views. Health and safety precautions will also be put into use.

Raja Kavaiya