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Not Just Yojnas

Achieving Real Development for the People of Gujarat

Gyan Shakti Education is the Foundation to Development

What is Gyan Shakti Yojna about? Skilled human resource is the fundamental requisite for sustaining industrial progress and overall economic development. Encourage girl child education, especially among those from minority and poor families to uplift them from helplessness. Enable daughters secure their future.

Impact During 2001 Glaring challenge of low female literacy 1 of every 5 student drop out of school Poor families reluctant towards educating their daughters Gyan Shakti Agrasar Gujarat 2011-2012 Female literacy in Gujarat is 70.73% National literacy rate is 74.04% Dropout rate controlled to 2 in 100 students at 2.09% Vidyalakshmi Bond allotted to 11 lakh poor girl students. Bond can be en-cashed after class 7th or 12th

During 2002, Gujarat was hit by catastrophic earthquake and deadly riots
The state had a budget crunch for education

Chief Minister, Narendra Modi auctioned the gifts he received

Raised Rs.44 crore to support Gyan Shakti for young girls