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Facepalm Magician and Dark Magician 2 Jack's Knight Mystical Elf 2 Queen's Knight Archfiend Of Gilfer Big Shield

Gardna Breaker The Magical Warrior Buster Blader Dark Magician Girl 2 Knig's Knight Obelisk The Tormentor Old Vindictive Magician* Skilled Dark Magician Slifer The Sky Dragon Swift Gaia The Fierce Knight 2 The Tricky The Winged Dragon Of Ra 2 Ancient Rules Dark Hole Dark Magic Curtain Diffusion Wave-Motion Heavy Storm Monster Reborn Mystical Space Typhoon Polymerization Soul Exchange Swords Of Revealing Light Thaousand Knives tricky Spell 4 Lightforce Sword Magic Cylinder Mirror Force Rope Of Life Spellbinding Circle 3 Arcana Knight Joker 3 Dark Paladin