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Supply Chain Management

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Rohidas Kate

Supply Chain Management

A supply chain consist of all the activities and entities that are involved in extracting

processing,manufacturing,distributing and selling the product to ultimate customer.However the concept of supply chain management is much more broader that of the marketing channel as SCM goes back to a distant starting point/root & including the raw material suppliers.


Raw material suppliers->Logistic Service Providers-> Manufactures ->Logistics

service providers - >Intermediaries/Retailers ->Consumers.


• “A supply chain management is the

integration of business from end user

through original suppliers that providers products, services & information that add

value for Customers.”

• “Supply chain management represents the

process & technical system that enable

multiple organization to collaboratively

design build & deliver product.”

Components Of Supply Chain


Demand planning & forecasting

Demand collaboration i.e. collaboration resolution process to determine consensus forecasts.

Order promising i.e. when can one promise a product to a customer taking account lead times & constraints.

Strategic network optimization i.e. what product plants & distribution channels should serve, what markets for what products whether


Production & distribution planning i.e. co-ordination the actual production & distribution plans for a whole enterprise may be on a daily basis.

Production Scheduling.

Plan of reduction of costs & management of the performance i.e.

diagnosis of the potential and the indicators, the organization ,evaluation and accounting reporting, evaluation & reporting quality etc.

SCM works on the five basic