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Vocabulary Scavenger Hunt

The words that are highlighted below are each relative to The Declaration of Independence either through a literary lens or illustrative example.

Unit Test 1 Vocabulary

Belittle Bolster Claim Deferred Defray Elicit Empirical Exorbitant Fracture Gullible Inexplicable Indignant Inhibit Keenly Logical Fallacy Mandate Matriculation Nominalize Pun Stark Subpar

Tips Before You Begin:

o o o One member of the group will get a net book to go to Moodel for the words/definitions you all worked on last week Review ALL words for better understanding As a group, discuss the words you have the least understanding of and work on those words FIRST. Make sure ALL members leave class understanding these words.

Your Job
Work in your groups to find examples/illustrations of the words from the Declaration of Independence. You should complete the following for each word. o List the word o Find an example of the word in the Decoration of Independence o Explain how your groups example illustrates the vocabulary word o Find a way to illustrate (Visual) the example