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To increase those, you need a muscular endurance based workout routine.

A good m ethod is to time yourself for one minute and do as many push-ups/sit-ups as you can. Then, subtract 10% from that number, and do four sets of that amount of rep etitions with a minute of rest in between, and do that every other day. For the run time, I suggest interval training. Run 400 meter sprints, with a slow 400 me ter recovery lap, and then do it again. Do this 5 times on your first attempt, a nd wait at least a few days until your next one. On each successive day of inter vals, add one more sprint lap. Once you have reached 8 sprinting laps, go back d own to 5 on your next one, but run a faster pace. Supplement those sprints with 4 mile jogs on off days.