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Design Review Comments on 1111 New Jersey Ave

Design Review Comments on 1111 New Jersey Ave

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Published by David Garber

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Published by: David Garber on Oct 18, 2012
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ANC 6D Comments on 1111 New Jersey Ave SE Better Corner Retail at New Jersey Ave and L Street: -Really

highlight the corner. This corner is highly visible from Canal Park and much of the neighborhood, and should be a real beacon for the entire building. -The retail space (in the entire building, but especially at the corners) should not merely be an extension of the rest of the building. It should stand out, and look distinct. -Use of metal awnings shown below could add an industrial flair to building.

More distinct ground floor retail base on entire building: -Differentiate the ground floor from the rest of the building. -Use natural materials: brick, stone, or wood, RATHER THAN metal panel. -Consider giving it the feel of double height retail.

Break up the building using varied materials, architectural styles, and colors: -NO ONE wants a giant block-long orange brick cube in the neighborhood. See examples below of SINGLE BUILDINGS that have DIVERSE FACADES.

Make the L Street façade look like a FRONT rather than a BACK of the building: -The uncentered window line makes it look like the back of a cheap hotel. -Make it look like the M Street façade: more BALCONIES, more GLASS, more MOVEMENT. (see image below)

Alley Design: -Create openings (windows, etc) along the ground floor so that the alley is safer for pedestrians. -Use TONS of lighting on the ground level (that shines DOWN, not up) to illuminate the alley for pedestrians.

Garage Entrance: - Make the garage door a REAL ARCHITECTURAL FEATURE: Glass, special colors, something. If it isn’t on the alley, at least make it REALLY STAND OUT. - Plant a screen of plants between the garage entrance and the beauty supply building.

Innovative and Sustainable Landscaping: -Water features -Native and interesting plants -NOT GENERIC or Sterile, please!

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