First Grade News October 19, 2012

Snack Calendar Monday-Rebecca Tuesday-Cooper Wednesday-Kadey Thursday-Giovanni Words: Friday-Ella We have 25 students in our class.

Words to Practice Next Week’s Spelling Words: pot cot dot got plot box fox lox ox slot Next Weeks Word Wall three in four five what upon once

Dates to Remember Oct 26-Progress Reports Oct 31- ½ Day Students (Conferences) Nov 1 and 5-Conferences Nov 6-No School Students (InService)

What are we working on? Language- Word Families Math-Add/Sub. Relationships Soc St-American Symbols

On Wednesday, October 31, the Halloween Parade will start at 10:00 a.m. All parents are asked to go to the gym to watch the parade. If your child’s costume is hard to get on, I ask that you come into the classroom around 9:45 to help them put it on. After the parade, there will be a PTO assembly to finish up the Fun Run fundraiser. After the assembly, we will be watching a movie and munching on the treats that our parents will be providing. If you would like to send in a treat for your child to pass out (I am set on paper products), you are more than welcome to. My rule during these parties is that the students can eat the treats that are provided for the party (cupcakes, cookies, etc). If any extra “trick or treat” candy is sent in, they have to wait until they get home to eat it. Please remember, it is a ½ day and students will be leaving at 12:00.

Q: Why was 6 afraid of 7? A: Because 7 8 (ate) 9!

~Mrs. K.

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