Wages (ongoing) Part-time work (ongoing) Holiday work/savings Boarders Benefit Child support (IRD) Family support (IRD) Interest/investments Parents/family Student Allowance Student Loan Scheme Grants/Scholarships PA PCM PFN PW

Name: Date: FINANCIAL SITUATION Weekly Income Total Less Weekly Expenses Totals A PW

1. Committed 2. Variable 3. Extra B

Weekly Income Total


(Savings if A>B) or (Shortfall if A<B)


(Committed expenses) Rent/board Mortgage Power Gas Home Phone Cell phone Internet/email Bank fees Rental/HP Whiteware rental/hp Hire purchase Other/loans Farmers/Warehouse Card Credit Card Child support (IRD) Bank overdraft Debt repayment Court fines Subscriptions Clubs/gym Lawns cut Life insurance House insurance Contents insurance Medical insurance Vehicle insurance Automobile Assoc. Warrant of fitness Vehicle registration Dog registration Broadcasting fee Property rates Water rates School uniforms School/course fees School/course books PA PCM PFN

PW (Variable expenses) Food Non food Pet food Toiletries Cigarettes Lunches/takeaways Fares Petrol/parking Photocopying/printing Personal cash Childcare Childrens pocket money Church donations Entertainment/Lotto Movies/DVDs Parties/pub Laundromat PA PCM PFN PW

Variable expenses total 2 ACCOUNT 3
(Extra expenses) Doctor Chemist Physio/vitamin supp. Dentist/Optometrist Vet Hair cuts Home repairs Vehicle repairs School/course costs Computer costs Flat/home items Holidays/trips home Clothing Presents/cards Magazines/books/CDs Emergency savings

Committed expenses total 1
This total (1) must be banked regularly in a separate account to pay expenses listed above ONLY

Extra expenses total 3
PW is per week

PA is per annum

PCM is per calendar month PFN is per fortnight To convert PCM to PW divide by 4.33

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