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History of the Friendship Cube

History of the Friendship Cube

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Published by Graeme Kilshaw
History of the Friendship Cube Group
History of the Friendship Cube Group

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Published by: Graeme Kilshaw on Oct 19, 2012
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18 October 2012

Friendship Cube Graeme Kilshaw
I’ve always kept a journal ever since I entered school. In my journal I’ve written about my discoveries and my friendships. I’ve written about my philosophy and my Spirit. My journal records how I’ve played the cards dealt to me in my life. It records the truth. It shares the valuable lessons I have learned in my life. My life has a philosophy; a system of thought; a cube My life has a religion; adoration in a deep sanctuary My life has one God and through him I am liberated Into friendship and on into the mysteries of oneness Where I today have become a willful servant of His star Ever since I remember, I have always loved playing, sharing, and learning with friends. One of my earliest memories is playing with my brother Stephen. We would play and build with alphabet cubes and building blocks. My brother is two years older than me. He mentored me in my first discoveries. He taught me how to count and how to read and how to tell time and how to tie my shoes. We invented our own games. We developed our own language. We were more than just brothers; we were like best friends since day one. And I remember kindergarten. I remember letters; numbers; rhymes; and learning. I remember laughter, games, music, and art. Kindergarten was the first time I ever used a computer. In kindergarten we played computer games that taught us. We tapped into a vast pool of knowledge and structure. Learning was fun. I made friends in kindergarten that I kept through all of grade school and on into adult life. Kindergarten was an amazing time. I had a great summer, and soon I was in grade one. In grade one I realized that I was part of a hierarchy. This was the beginning of a journey into literacy and numeracy. I became a name and earned labels. I became part of a school division. I was given a home-room and a number at the school. And I was a good student. I earned golden star stickers that I stuck on my little desk. And there was a points system. I was introduced into a system of discipline and rewards that never disappeared. I started to understand school spirit; the oneness from many. Through physical work and games I developed friendships. My friends and I would play, share, and learn together. In grade one I was given a gift from my Grandpa Dale, a special cube I could hold in my hand. When he gave me this mysterious cube, he told me to keep it forever. My Grandpa had been an air-force navigator in World War II. He had fought against Nazi Germany. He told me, “The world will be yours when you see it from every angle.”

18 October 2012

Grandpa Dale had his own journals and photo albums. I learned about our family history and much more from him at this very young age. Around this time when I was in grade one; Grandpa had been retired for several years. Grandpa Dale would come to our elementary school classes and give us literacy lessons. He often read poetry. When he visited our grade one class, I remember him drawing on our chalkboard. He drew a big key and door. On the other side of the door was a globe… our world. He said, “Literacy is the key that unlocks the door to the world.” And he pointed, first to the key, then to the door, and finally to the world. He drew the door opening with the key. My friends in grade one all loved it when my Grandpa Dale would come to our class on Fridays. He would show up and for about half an hour and read sections of poetry and teach literacy lessons to our grade one class. My Grandpa had so much character and wisdom about him. It was magical. He told me to write in my journal every day. And I did my best. Grandpa Dale was a great role-model that I always looked up to. That is how ever since grade one, I have had this mysterious cube. The cube empowered my learning. And I used it to play, share, and learn with my friends. Learning its code enabled me to visualize ideas and relations. I gained a higher level of literacy based upon the friendship cube code. I got good grades through school. I envisioned and thought and wrote as much as I could about what had the deepest meaning in my life at the time; usually my friendships. I wrote about this most prized cube gift from my Grandpa Dale. The cube made me part of a family and a tradition that had deep purpose and meaning. This meaning and purpose kept me going, even through rough times. I concluded that it was meaningful to communicate great ideas in simple and accessible ways. I shared the friendship cube with my closest friends and as a group; we gained earthly knowledge and pressed on forward. Our friendship cube is more than just a cube; it is a symbol of friendship. On top of that, it teaches lessons through games. I earned my glow-in-the-dark friendship cube badge by going through the three game levels with my friends. The first level of games teaches visual tracking, pattern recognition, and hand-eye coordination. The second level of games taught me memory, strategy, communication, navigation, and teamwork through game-play. The third level teaches literacy, numeracy, and moral lessons through the game storyline. Once you graduate through all three levels, you earn our glow-in-the-dark friendship cube code badge. That is our friendship cube game tradition. The unique knowledge our friendship cube group keeps us cohesive and stuck together; it makes us allied to serve, as in brotherhood. My Grandpa Dale taught us the essential nature of the friendship cube code… the one from many and the order from chaos. This enabled me to earn my glowing badge that I wear so proudly. There was and is a mystery to it… a mystery that I don’t think will ever disappear. It is magical. It is like a mystery that is bigger than anything I could ever comprehend, except through symbolism. Through literacy, the friendship cube makes us part of something greater than ourselves. My family has for as long as records tell, been born, baptized, and married in the Anglican Church. My brother and I were both baptized in 1993 at Saint Phillips Church in Victoria, British Columbia. I learned there, through Bible study and youth group, valuable life

18 October 2012

lessons and morals. I am thankful for the Spiritual lessons I learned over the many years there. I learned that there is a deeper level of heart-trust and unity that is accessed through the ageold Spiritual traditions. Traditions like this are important and are kept by families like ours. It is more than just singing songs and playing games in church basements. It is training for a life of Spiritual service. The Christian ideal I grew up with was deep with meaning and with mystery. My Dad had always been a strong Christian, and he wanted us brothers to be part of His faith and Spiritual Service. He had a similar way of dealing with things as Grandpa Dale. It was a tradition that my brother and I were both born into. My Dad always knew about the family code. Dad would tell my brother and I quotes from Einstein. I wrote about several such quotes in my journal. The first quote goes, “Global problems can’t be solved on the same level of thinking that created them.” This is a profound quote for its deep meaning. It means that to save the globe we have got to find a new level in consciousness… a new level of thinking. We have got to find and use a more efficient code and better structure. It means that we have got to distinguish between a problem and a symptom. Here on earth, we are surrounded by symptoms like environmental degradation, climate change, unsustainable living, and poverty. I see these for what they are… symptoms. These are symptoms of something central and integral to humanity, something that all people struggle with. And there is a difference between symptoms and problems. Looking closely, we find that the core problem is not physical; so much as it is in its heart, from our own consciousness. The global problem is that we aren’t thinking enough as a collective and for the next generations. We haven’t been planning enough for many generations to come. The problem humanity faces is our own myopic vision. However… that myopic vision may be solved if we start to operate as a collective and with a more efficient code that joins us with something much bigger. If we can be like a shining light and spread the integral collective earth-consciousness, the world will be a better and brighter place. We have got to somehow graduate into a level of Spiritual and collective consciousness that is integral with our planet. That will evolve humanity and solve the global problems we face. My Dad and Grandpa both wanted us brothers to be active agents in this time of transformative change for our planet. The friendship cube and code we were given from our Grandpa Dale, represents a step forward towards a higher integral consciousness. It is a code with a tradition. It is a code for a peaceful, sustainable, and united planet. And it is a code we as brothers believe in. When I entered into High School, my world changed. I started more and more to learn, network, and earn of my own volition. And I learned a thing or two about computers that my parents and grandparents didn’t know. I started to get more active in the community, sharing and teaching friendship cube games with scouts and cadets and youth groups I was involved with. By the time I had entered into university, I had decided my life path. At around that time, I decided to make my living by teaching with the cube my Grandpa Dale had given to me. At that point, my friends from high school and I officially formed our Friendship Cube Group. Since then, many of us have been active making positive change in our local communities. We are attempting to serve this central, integral consciousness. It has been fun and profitable to develop and promote friendship cube games that bring diverse people together. People all around the world are full of enthusiasm for our friendship cube group, and many see the

18 October 2012

benefits of becoming part of our movement. We know that the crisis we face here on earth is being solved by better and more united ways of thinking. And we have a unique key that can open a literacy-door for humanity. I wrote in my journal…

Everything rising will in time converge One finding destinies rendezvous merge Friendship cube code, open the door Into the heart, the human core And join us great and small With one light inside all Feelings from the heart and prayer to guide Wisdom abide with vision wide No bombs anymore. Human core Declares the end of war Remember don’t give up Together we’ll rise up Our life is one adventure Reach up to the stars together Friendship cube code, open the door Into the heart, the human core And join us great and small With one light inside all The code of love will live in light forever Speak, be seek, see, for our one great endeavor With the code of light in our deepest ones Rising up like the first light sons We will look within to find inspiration And share the friendship cube code with every nation Speaking be And seeking see Speak. Be. Seek. See.


18 October 2012

Another quote from Einstein that my Dad used to tell us is, “Make things as simple as possible, but no simpler.” That quote reminds me of the simplicity and structured organization of our friendship cube code. The cube creates one from many and order from chaos. It allows for all phonetic letters and words necessary for communications… as simple as possible, but no simpler. It has often been suggested that Einstein was part of a “Group of World Servers” that used the cube code. When Grandpa Dale died in 2005, I inherited from him a silver-stein and his golden air force wings badge. I put the golden wings inside the stein and placed the shiny stein up on the shelf above my desk in the window light. I look up to it when I need a moment to think or when I am looking for inspiration. When I look up to the radiant silver stein with the golden wings on the shelf above my desk, I see it as a spiritual symbol that represents the Spiritual condition of this 21st century. The cube code from my Grandpa Dale is serious. It is a structured, visual binary intelligence code… creating one from many and order from chaos. I believe that this cube code is a legacy that will live long into the future, creating peace and unity for cubeholders and friends. I hope to introduce more young people to all three levels of our friendship cube games… so that more students around the world can learn our code, earn our glowing friendship cube badge, and serve with us. We have this temporary time here on earth. My life and my Grandpas’, at least symbolically… are like these golden wings in the glistening stein. Somehow, there remains significance to our family code and our one Spirit. Grandpa Dale lives on in us all through our family code and through the Spirit. And our family friendship cube group is growing, with the help of His Spirit. The family friendship cube code is empowering. There is a proud history and tradition leading to an ever-brighter future for us in code and in Spirit. I am lucky to have learned well when young. Young minds especially are able to benefit from learning and using the friendship cube code. It takes discipline and effort to learn, and this effort pays off. Learning this code gave me the keys that unlocked the door to the world. The core idea is to thrive through the business of widening perspectives and planting seeds that lead to positive futures for students. The focus of our growing friendship cube group is to open a portal that enables promise and hope for generations to come. Our friendship cube is one great building block for literacy… a key that opens the door to the world. The promise we make with our Friendship Cube Group is to teach an ever-widening scope of vision and 21st century skills to students everywhere.


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