Learning Forward Kansas – Elementary ELA/Math Session October 18, 2012

Common Themes
      Depth of Knowledge Unpacking Standards o Understanding o Vocabulary Math/ELA Mapping (Including Resources) o “What”, Resources Process Math/Content ELA Instructional Practices/Strategies

What Are We Already Doing?
 Depth of Knowledge (Anticipating need for more Level 3 and 4)  Support from Melisa Hancock and S. Martinie from K-State o 8 Mathematical Practices o Application and Analyze o Kid-friendly language (posters)  Dan Meyer format for Depth of Knowledge levels  Rigor / Relevance Framework  HOTS Wheel o Online and hands-on wheel from mentoringminds.com  Mary Frazier’s checklist (USD313)  5-Minute classroom visits o Team of 3 visitors o Look at teachers and students o Focus on student engagement  McGraw-Hill common core document  Book Study (Habits of Mind)  Mentor/Mentee Programs  CC Math in a PLC at Work (book study)  Pathways to the CC (book study) (ELA)  Summer Work Sessions (Summer Staff Academies) o ELA/Math o By grade level  Curricuplan (purchase required)

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