An Abstract on

“Developmental Strategies for Rural India”
Submitted in the National Seminar On

Excellence Through Management in Contemporary Era: Issues & Challenges
Organized by Department of management Rama Institute of Management & Technology

Submitted by:

Saurabh Shukla
Lecturer (PGDM) Dr.Virendra Swarup Institute of Computer Studies

This will not only help reduce this imbalance but will have a multiplier effect on the overall economy Employment Assurance Scheme (EAS). Employment Assurance Scheme (EAS). particularly in a country where threequarters of people below the poverty line reside in rural areas. Food for Work Program. An ideal approach should include the government. Although these measures have been successful (to some extent) in curbing rural development. is flawed. Food for Work Program. Rural Development has been one of the guiding principles of the planning process in India. panchayats and key village personals. this model has a very basic flaw. This is affecting both areas. Government has made various “strategies and programs” for the Rural Development Development Employment like Integrated (IRBD). NGOs and private companies. Any talk of overall development without rural development. Rural Wage Program Programs. Wage Employment Programs. . Rural Housing. is an integrated part of the overall Indian economy. as much as urban economy. Social Security Programs. Social Security Programs. Rural Housing. Under this model resources are transferred from urban economy to rural economy just for short term political motives. Integrated Rural Development Program. Key Words: Rural development.The rural economy. not letting rural economy develop on its own and hampering growth and investments in urban economy.

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