How much do you think was paid for the design of the London 2012 logo?

Shout out if you think you know which companies have these logos…



World Wildlife Fund

Bonus question: Domain names
• Can anyone tell me what a domain name is? • Which companies had a legal fight over the rights to the domain




TASK: Features of a good logo?
• Having looked at these examples, list the features YOU think are important in an effective, eye-catching, memorable logo • Think about colour/s; graphic/image and shapes; (number of) words and font. • Should it be a simple design easily recognised at a glance, or a complex design with many different aspects?

Features of a good logo: COLOUR
• Most logos use just one or two colours, including the brand (company) name • Some use three colours

Features of a good logo: GRAPHIC/IMAGE & SHAPES
• Most logos use a simple graphic or image that can be recognised easily and from a distance • Many use a shape, colour-filled, sometimes with an image over the top of it • The lettering, or font, can be graphical in style, as in the Krewe outfitters example: its presented as graffiti style with the only graphic the jester’s hat. The HomeWorks logo has a simple roof & chimney graphic

Features of a good logo: NUMBER OF WORDS & FONT
• We mostly come across brand logos on (often small) product packaging or in ads – we typically glance at these, so they must be easily and quickly taken in • Too many words and we may not bother to take the time to take it in • …But too few and we may not know what the company does!!! • Font and CaSe are important to consider – experiment and seek feedback, just as design companies do! • Compare the krewe/tic tac & DEVINE PAINTERS/HomeWorks fonts – just looking at the fonts, can you tell which aim at a younger market and which older?

• You need a snappy name (that has some reference to what the company does: mend photos), eg HappySnaps or PhotoFix • You need a graphic design (which may be linked to your company name) • You need to pick an appropriate font, AND think about how the word/s and image work together • You need to keep the number of colours down to 2 or maybe 3 • You’re about to follow a worksheet that gives you the steps needed to create a logo in Photoshop; you can use this to practice the skills needed or try to create your own design as you work through it

• In the Photoshop folder (curric share / ICT / KS3 / Yr8 / PhotoShop) find the pdf document Using Photoshop Elements to Create a Logo • Copy/paste into your own ICT folder so you can easily access this • Follow the steps • When done, let me know then start working on your photo repair/improvement company logo, for which you need a catchy name as well as a design! • Seek feedback from your classmates when drafting your logo!

More Examples