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Inkubus Sampler

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Published by: zajednosex on Oct 19, 2012
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copied and distributed for non-commercial purposes. after a wild night out partying with friends. That morning. It wasn’t insomnia in the strictest sense – it wasn’t that I couldn’t sleep. . You are welcome to share it with your friends. I didn’t usually remember my dreams – my brain was so desperate for the rest that it just blanked out any of the subconscious activity. Stupid. and not even caffeine could save me from the black. Maybe it was some preternatural sense warning me that one day. The fear of what would happen when it inevitably happened was crippling. And then he did. provided the book remains in its complete original form. **** Inkubus – FREE SAMPLE Sidonie Spice I’d always had trouble sleeping. Was I abused as a child. the dream seeped into my awareness like a tingling mist. please return to Smashwords. taken advantage of in my sleep? No – at least. I admitted defeat at six a. I’d been awake for thirty-eight hours solid.com to buy the full copy of the ebook. If you enjoyed this book.m. right? I’d dose myself up on coffee. yawning jaws of drowsiness by that point. not that I could remember. he would come to claim me. Thank you for your support. on a Saturday morning. as I slept through the sunrise.INKUBUS – FREE SAMPLE Sidonie Spice Copyright 2011 Sidonie Spice License Notes Thank you for downloading this free ebook. I just wouldn’t let myself. just to avoid going to sleep. This book may be reproduced. caffeine pills and god knows what else.

Dark-haired. without even realising what I was running from. shirtless. I’d been trying to escape this moment for years. Jezebel. I didn’t know it at the time. It seemed silly that I didn’t already know.” It was all I could say. and my knees went weak as he flashed a full-on smile – striking and perfect. don’t you think?” He beckoned to me. and a bolt of lust shot down my spine. toyed with one of the white-blonde dreadlocks in my hair. and I recognised him instantly. And he did want me – there was already a sizeable bulge in his jeans. “My name is Jess. straight to my pussy. The fishnet stockings and gothic platform stilettos were a nice touch. I clenched my thighs together. “That’s what you’ve been led to believe.” Of course he is. “I know my own name. “Jess. I’m Mathias. . one eyebrow rising as he appraised the deep blue bustier and panties I was wearing. “Hello. my eyes travelling down his toned chest. “My name is Jessica. Predator. his defined abs. with just a hint of an edge. too. then.” I scowled. and I wrapped my arms around myself protectively. lounging on my bed in tight blue jeans and nothing else.He was there. I didn’t have them in real life – my hair was electric blue at the moment. After all. The word shot through my mind even as I sat on the edge of the bed. conscious of the juices that dampened my panties. the hint of a happy trail that disappeared beneath the waistband of his jeans… and the hard cock that those jeans concealed.” I repeated. but I was dressed exactly the way he wanted me.” I whispered. “Isn’t it obvious?” He leaned forward. hoping he couldn’t smell my desire. and I held onto the bedpost. but with a husky undercurrent that made me instantly wonder what he’d sound like in the throes of passion. “You.” His lips curved slightly. straddle his waist and let him have his wicked way with me.” His voice was pure sex: smooth like melted chocolate. “Jess. trying to think past my desire to crawl onto the bed.” “Jess sounds a lot like Jez. and I hadn’t had dreadlocks in for months. “What do you want from me?” I whispered. He looked up as I approached. hoping it was enough to stop me from tumbling into his arms. helplessly drawn to the bed.

The way you think is… unique. down into the deep cleavage between them. “Why have you chosen me?” Mathias slid a hand over my corset-covered stomach. “I can feel the heat pounding through your cunt. then upwards over my breast. a little impatiently. and my fear surged again to combat my desire. Out of the dream. “Because you’re beautiful…” He traced his finger over my pushed-up breasts. I was so turned on it was almost too much – an itch I just had to scratch. I looked away. With monumental strength of will. allowing him better access with a sigh of longing.Although he was only touching my hair.” His eyes were on my lips. “How about you let me decide whether or not I wanna be with y–“ “You’ve already decided. “You intrigue me. and he was telling the truth. crossing my stocking-clad legs to prevent him from getting any ideas… or was that to press my thighs tighter together.” Even the way he said ‘cunt’ was sexy. indulging it for a second before I realised I shouldn’t. He kissed my neck and I tilted my head. turned my head towards him. a ripple of animal want made my pussy tighten.” He placed his fingers against my jaw. I should have stood up. Why not just skip to the pleasure you know I can give you?” He was so sure of himself.” he cut across me. and we both know it. Jezebel. . trembling. I moaned softly. and I swayed towards him. to try to get a little stimulation on my own terms? “There are hotter girls than me out there. so territorial… I wanted to turn and throw myself at him. Because I will have you in the end. You’ll have to do better than that. to clutch his shoulders as he drew me horizontal. that I caught my breath. should have walked away. You’re just delaying the inevitable. to grind my clit against that bulge in his pants and order him to fuck me. so earthy and masculine. I didn’t. Away from Mathias. He smelled so good. “Why?” I whispered one more time. I shifted against the bed. now – that breathless moment of inevitability just before a kiss. We are a good match. “Because I can feel the dark desire writhing inside you.

each holding the other at a stalemate. I’d slept through most of the day. my back arching and my breath escaping in sharp cries of ecstasy. then. but I was used to that – when I denied myself sleep the way I did. toyed with the garter of my stocking. Mathias pressed his lips to mine. his tongue… At the thought of him between my legs. and headed for the shower. and I came in fierce. the deficit caught up with me eventually. I moaned and curled into a shaking ball. tingling ache of my satisfied pussy was fading slowly. unable to kiss back. his fingers. “Or what?” I whispered. “It wasn’t real. The deep. My cunt was saturated. needing to wash away the evidence of my lustful subconscious. teetering on the brink of orgasm.” I muttered to myself. And marked as mine. Jezebel.” My nipples ached beneath the corset. crashing waves.” I swallowed hard as my desire and fear duelled. and you are my choice. I never had dreams that intense. I realised my inner thighs were sticky with my arousal. Be the naughty girl I know you are. I have eternity to fill. that… real. I gasped for breath. “You’re wrong. and as he turned away the dream faded. “And after you’ve taken what you want. Jezebel. and as I kicked off the covers and stumbled over to the window. “Until tomorrow. genuine surprise undercutting his amusement. I was covered with sweat. you’ll kill me. It was the dream that bothered me. **** .” he said softly.Primal fright clamoured for my attention. desperate for his cock.” Mathias laughed. standing up and looking down at me. and I struggled upright in bed with a gasp. and all coherent thought fled my mind. comforted by its rays on me. but he slid his hand up my thigh. there was a hunger in his gaze that was about so much more than sex. It was the same room. I much prefer you alive… warm and vibrant and sensual.” I didn’t know what he meant. “Let me fuck you. only deprived of his intoxicating presence. satisfied and yet yearning for so much more. that vivid. I drew the curtains to let in the afternoon sunlight. He drew away as I weakened. “Or I come back next time you sleep and ask you again.

“Hey. but I was hardly out working a corner every night. Mathias had lain in wait for me. Alex. Alex answered the door fresh from the shower. Mathias’ words in my dream rang in my mind. Your place or mine?” I winced at the thought of fucking him in my room. taking his cock in my hand and grinning as I felt him begin to harden immediately. Part of me had thrilled at the implication – that I was a slut. sweet thing. I pulled the towel from around his waist. “I know that tone of voice. a whore. and I headed for the door immediately after hanging up. “Yours.” he teased. as well as more beautiful ones – so why had this dream guy been so fixated on me? Maybe I just needed to get laid. “I can always count on you to perform. baby. “This should totally have a porn movie soundtrack. I didn’t know where it came from. We tried a relationship way back when.Jezebel. though – I enjoyed sex. where. My friend Alex was always happy to offer a few extra benefits. I grabbed Alex’s hand and tugged him down the hallway. wearing only a towel and a cheeky smile. in my dream. and had had a few one night stands as well as relationships.” His voice on the other end of the line was amused. bad boy?” “Bedroom. but it became clear to both of us that we made better friends… with a little fun every now and then. bringing with them the instinctive desire and fear I’d felt while I was asleep. That was easy enough. using my sexuality for my benefit. . “No bra. “Where do you want me. There were way sluttier girls than me. What time?” “Whenever you want me. and cupped my breasts in his hands. and he knew how to push my buttons. and I laughed.” He slapped my ass as I ran upstairs ahead of him. bending men to my will. he’d called me. stroking his thumbs across my taut nipples. his tongue warm and confident against mine. the unease from last night falling away again. Jess? You’re a naughty little minx tonight…” Be the naughty girl I know you are.” As soon as he shut the door behind me.” He kissed me hungrily.

A shudder ran through me. Alex kissed me. but he drew back too soon. and had shimmied out of most of my clothing by the time Alex had closed the door. “And they say it’s guys who are only after one thing. his lips glistening with my juices. and you’ll be well rewarded. and he’d brought me off with a simple kiss. and I overturned him. “Wanna get me off?” Alex grinned up at me. “You’re one hundred percent the naughtiest girl I have ever met. then took him in all the way with a sigh. His cock had always been more than enough for me in the past. grabbed me by the waist and kept going. straddling his hips and guiding him inside me. his cock hard and ready against my pussy.” “Lick my pussy. flicking at the piercings. I loved having a fuck-buddy who didn’t mind waiting his turn. but are you okay?” I nodded. tugging me down to the bed with him. I couldn’t help but compare it to my dream man’s touch. and though I tried to hide it. setting my own rhythm and coaxing him along with me. and he laughed against my navel. “I take it back.” I pushed his head southward playfully.“Am I sweet. or am I naughty? Make up your mind. “Ready for the ride?” “Constantly. but as my pleasure mounted gradually. pulled him up towards me and wrapped my legs around him. I still rode him until he grabbed my hips and pulled me down hard. Alex caught on pretty quickly. I purred as he leaned over me for another kiss and tugged at the metal bars that pierced each of my nipples. and Alex raised his head. .” I pinched his nipples teasingly. “You’re probably gonna hit me for stopping to ask you this. then began to move. but it was nothing compared to what I craved. inch by solid. He groaned and bucked deeper. That had been so much sharper. but today it just… wasn’t. Mathias hadn’t gone anywhere near my pussy.” He crossed the room just as my panties hit the floor.” I crossed the threshold of the bedroom. spilling himself with a cry of pleasure. Alex’s tongue was quick and devious.” I arched my back as he turned his tongue to my breasts. I even had the barest flutter of an orgasm at the rough treatment. ridged inch. then shifted lower to do exactly that. Don’t get me wrong. so much more immediate. and I rose up a little.

” I soothed his bruised ego with a kiss. they were nearly always TV or movie character dolls – say what you want about fangirls. “I don’t wanna talk about it. Nightmare. I could feel weariness closing in. The fact that I’d had a full day’s sleep didn’t hurt.” Alex frowned.” Alex held me tightly. Any other guy in your shoes couldn’t have gotten me anywhere near where you did today. re-painted the faces. don’t even think about lying to me. but it was more real than the real world when I woke up. Or I wasn–“ “Trust me. I could last another twenty-four hours. with reference to a screen-grab taken from the True Blood TV . “I thought you said you don’t dream when you let yourself sleep?” “Yeah. it wasn’t you. and I finished dressing a doll in an outfit I’d put together. because you can’t lie for shit. And it wasn’t. I sighed. okay. he tugged a lock of my blue-black hair. but yeah. It wasn’t all happy. It was just… weird. but today I did. put together outfits to make the doll resemble whichever celebrity the customer wanted. I guess. my mind shied away from the subject. cooling off and regaining our breath. As we lay together. and I listened to the familiar beat of his heart. Something. Even so. He raised himself up on one elbow and gave me the look – the one that said. this was Alex I was talking to.” Understanding dawned on his face. “Okay. I guessed. Jessica.That was the disadvantage of fucking one of the people who knew me best in the world. comforted. either. but they have a hell of a lot of dedication. labouring throughout Saturday night. I was self-employed – with my strange sleeping habits. It was purely his curiosity speaking. At dawn. And yeah. I know. “I just need a few days to forget about it. I had to be. I customised dolls – re-rooted and styled the hair. “So you wanted to prove that real sex was still better. **** I ploughed through as much work as I could while I was still fresh. before I had to face it again. And it was a sex dream.” “Who was the dream about?” He wasn’t jealous – we weren’t like that. at least. I had a stupid dream. “Why do I get the feeling you were using me for something you didn’t get?” “Huh?” I tried to play it ignorant.

and was accompanied by another wave of drowsiness. it was a sleep-or-riskinjury situation. blurring into one dull. Why not just sleep? The voice in my head sounded uncomfortably like Mathias’. anxiety and sleepiness whirling and waltzing through my mind. If I fell asleep there. it seemed. I was still working on it. I only had a few more hours until I’d need to start mainlining caffeine again.show. inevitable feeling of dread. so I had to avoid that. and I wasn’t relishing it. These were all tricks I’d learned to combat exhaustion over the years. I’d wake up with stiff joints and probably a huge bruise where my head hit the desk. Fresh air wasn’t the answer to my fatigue. damn it. I pulled my uncomfortable desk chair out from my computer desk. I was grainy-eyed and yawning. Instead.” I said aloud. I took a long drink from my water bottle. Now I was hallucinating. struggling to breathe through the panic. She didn’t have a head yet. turned on the fan on the desk so it blew cold air in my face. damn it! Don’t fight me. setting my pulse racing and adrenaline surging. I really didn’t – I was almost asleep in my chair. This wasn’t normal. a wild surge of terror coursed through me. I’d learned it the hard way – once I got into this state. and turned my music up loud. and then slumped to the ground. Maybe I didn’t have enough water in my stomach to dissolve the caffeine pill. I would sleep. . “No. If I lay down. I backed up against the wall. What was I afraid of? A guy in a dream who could give me intense sexual gratification? A million and one women would be lining up to take that particular situation away from me. I only knew that deep down. “Get out of my head!” I yelled into the empty room. I walked back into my bedroom with a longing. but none of it was working. This was ridiculous. The sun was coming over the horizon as I stepped outside. fearful glance at the bed. As I accepted that I had to rest and stood up. And like it or not – and trust me. trying to clear my head with some fresh air. You have nothing to fear. Great. from the neck down. Sookie Stackhouse was looking great – at least. something wasn’t right. By the time I’d walked down to the local park and back. Jezebel. popped a caffeine pill and sat down to answer a few emails.

by the window.” Mathias smiled. “Why do you want me to? I know you went to visit your boy-toy today. I already know you have a hot little cunt. I felt barely in control of my own limbs. I slept. **** “There you are. When I saw he was already aroused. run. I turned over on the bed and found Mathias leaning against the wall. “You’ve been calling me. walked towards the bed. panties. and you don’t know me. go! – and nothing could hurt me here. safe – get up. but I crawled across the floor to the bed. and it made me want to linger here. sighing.” I sat up. stockings and heels – the same outfit as last time. The voice was insistent. I was warm. I was pretty sure that when people talked about sex therapy. these days.” I glared up into his face. I hurriedly sat on my heels. “Leave Alex out of this. The way I was sitting.” “I know you. . instead. And I know you want more. I was alert and clear-headed – more than I ever was in real life. and I couldn’t resist.Come to me. I was lonely without you. I was probably flashing my barely-covered pussy at him. bowing my head so I wouldn’t have to look at him. hypnotic. You don’t know him. and somewhere inside me. “Why can’t you leave me alone?” He sat on the edge of the mattress. I know he couldn’t give you what I can. levered myself up onto the mattress and lay down. It was refreshing. this wasn’t what they meant. Maybe I was beginning to face my fear. my breath faltered and trembled. “And you don’t need to be embarrassed around me. hoping I wasn’t blushing. Our eyes met.” I trembled at the dirty talk. and the knot of ice in my chest began to thaw.” In the dream. and instantly a surge of dizzy desire ran through my body.” Mathias pushed off the wall. He didn’t seem as scary today as he had last night. “You’ve been avoiding me. drew my legs up to my chest and then realised I was only wearing a corset. my instinct for self-preservation curled up into a ball and wept.

something I’d forgotten. but I decided it didn’t matter. but he was looking at me with such intensity that I must have imagined it. There was no spontaneous orgasm this time – though I suspected he could give me one of those just by willing it – but he kissed back. There was something niggling at the back of my mind. Before I knew it. moaning at the surge of need that pulsed through me. “Oh. how do you do that?” He didn’t answer. “Please…” He released my nipple with a final tug of his teeth against the piercing. and more. “Kiss me. He was so hot.” I whispered. I gasped. I’d climbed into his lap. leaving me naked from the waist up. leaning in and pressing my lips tentatively against his. and cupped my cheek in his hand. but quickly decided not to worry about it when he sucked one of my nipples into his mouth and toyed with the bar piercing with his tongue.. he gave me that gorgeous smile again.” The temptation was strong. Slowly. I couldn’t get enough. his lips warm and inviting. but I wanted to hold on. “What do you need from me. Mathias with his face buried between my legs. and I let my head fall back as he kissed and nipped his way down my throat. and I ground my clit against his cock. and it vaporised. Instead. and I shifted over to his side. Somewhere at the back of my senses. “Touch me. and I watched him as his eyes appreciatively roamed over my body. Mathias tightened his arms around me and pulled me close. and I wanted everything I’d just imagined. My cunt gushed..” he told me. His lips sent tiny sparks racing across my skin.” .My mind filled with images: Mathias kissing me. “I can make you come whenever you want it. his tongue darting out to taste mine.” he said softly. Mathias pinning me to the bed as he fucked me. “Just ask. to experience more of this unbelievable desire. and I returned it without stopping to think. Jezebel?” “Everything. god. “Come here. momentarily shocked. I thought I heard his laughter.” I did. mesmerised by the way the muscles in his arms and chest moved as he reached for me. he ran his hands down the front of my corset. My underwear was soaked.

I was almost sobbing by the time he relented. “Fuck me. He felt so good. and I reached out a hand to his erect cock. and by the time it ebbed I was half-dazed. He coated his fingers in the slickness seeping from my pussy with a growl of discovery. He closed his eyes. and my panties vaporised the same way my corset had.” he murmured. I stretched my limbs to the four corners. Every time I pushed down onto his fingers. loving the sensation of the soft sheets beneath me. and two fingers found my clit with no difficulty. and fuck. he did whatever he did to make his clothing disappear. and soon I was trembling with exertion and frustration. touch me–“ He smirked. and I cried out over and over again as my cunt clenched in delicious waves against his fingers. rubbing him through his jeans. and I did. clinging to Mathias and gasping for air.” With a soft laugh. “Mmmm… no. and I pressed my face against his neck with a gasp. slightly curved and just long enough to have me screaming for him all night. my pussy already rippling with need. I want you to fuck me so hard…” . very badly… “Beg. little slut. It was a hell of a lot easier than undressing him. his cock twitched and swelled from hard to hardest. My thighs shook on either side of his waist. so damn good. and I couldn’t help but obey.” I whispered. over my panties. without hesitation. aren’t you?” He rubbed the moisture over my clit. lowering me to the bed. It lasted far longer than any other orgasm I’d had. hot and desperate and needing to come so very. “Lose the jeans. he sought my sweet spot. god. when he drove his fingers inside me I almost lost it… “Ride my fingers. circumcised.Mathias trailed his fingers down my abdomen. It was thick. my hips swaying in an instinctive. and my lust began to build again as he surrendered to my touch. I whispered his name.” he ordered. his thumb brushing my clit with every thrust. “You really are a naughty little whore. and he looked down at me again. irresistible rhythm. Mathias gazed down at me hungrily. “My beautiful little Jezebel. and I might just fuck you with my cock later. and I clutched his shoulders to avoid falling backwards. and under my hand. “Oh. pleading for release in between breathless moans as he fingered me fast and hard.” His voice was a low growl.

Alice Punk Rock Prom Queen Inkubus (full version) **** Find Sidonie Online Sidonie would love to hear from you! Get in touch at sidonie_spice@aol.000 word novella! **** About the Author Sidonie Spice is sex obsessed. sizzling smut is her forte. she takes every opportunity to revise people’s first impressions of her. but it’s not stiff upper lips she’s interested in… if you get her drift. and she hopes to make her readers writhe with desire. or at her blog or Twitter page… .) Her mind is a never-ending source of sexy goodness. Kinky. Has she convinced you yet? **** More Hot Reads from Sidonie Spice Say Yes. 15. . but until she opens her mouth (or her laptop) she’s heard it said that she looks like the sweetest. most innocent girl in the world. She’s British.com. and not afraid to admit it.**** Want to find out how the story ends? Head on over and grab a copy of the full. Needless to say.

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