Script 003 Act 1 Start Lamp: Flickering candle on the work bench.

One Single camera movement from the candle to back of the work bench, bringing into view Liang sitting on his chair mixing his ingredients in a deep cauldron. Tao peeps up from the right side of the table, only revealing the top half of his head, and then slowly sinks back down out of shot. Then appearing suddenly from the left of the shot peering over the shoulder of Liang as he works on the experiment. Liang distracted by Tao and his movements abruptly slaps Tao back out of the shot, and returns to the mixing of the ingredients. Tao then appears at the bottom right of the shot walking slowly towards Liang, whilst carrying a crate of ingredients for him. Liang gets hold of the crates and pulls it towards him. Toa reacts and pulls the crates back, for a final pull Tao ends ups using too much strength as he pulls both Liang and grates with off the set (Stage Right) knocking down his chair. Liang comes back in the set because of his unfortunate height the audience only sees his head moving as the table is covering the rest of his body. Laing pulls up his chair and hops on and goes back to work. Tao comes in the shot from stage right stands next to Liang. Slowly pulls out a feather in the direction of Laing ears. Liang in return pulls out a broom and smacks toe. Tao dizzily goes off stage right, comes back still out of balance and exits stage left. Tao comes in the shot taps Liang and points out indicating someone waiting for him. Liang hops of his chair and walks of set. With Liang away Tao adds another component to the mix. Liang comes back in the shot hands raised calling down Tao Tao responding to Liang’s command bends over to see what he wants. Liang’s hand then appears from the table dragging him down under the table. Whilst the characters are off stage and fighting the camera begins to focus on the cauldron which is bubbling and hissing due to the added ingredients. Liang and Tao’s heads appear from beneath the table, both glancing at the cauldron then back at each other, with panic stricken faces as the cauldron explodes. FLASH OUT Alternative Beginning Red curtains appear as if at the start of a theatre show. A banner comes down showing the title ‘CREATION OF GUN-POWDER’ and the curtains open.