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Conversation in English at Hospital

A conversation between a patient's attendant/relative and the doctor: Arokya : Doctor, what is wrong with my mother? Doctor : She has typhoid. I want you to monitor her temperature. Arokya : How often should I check her temperature? Doctor : Once every four hours. Arokya : What diet should I give her? Doctor : Only liquid diet. Arokya : When should I bring her for the review? Doctor : After three days. Glossary monitor : watch carefully for a period of time review : (here) check again A conversation between an anxious patient and a doctor, before an operation: Patient : Is the surgery a major one? Doctor : Yes, it is. Patient : How long will it take? Doctor : 1 1/2 ? hours. Patient : Will I be given a local or general anaesthetic? Doctor : General. Patient : Will there be any after-effects? Doctor : Except for weakness and a little nausea, you'll be fine. Patient : Will it be painful afterwards ? Doctor : Yes. But don't worry, you' ll be given pain-killers. Patient : What will be the cost of the surgery? Doctor : Rs.75,000/- including post-operative care. Glossary local anaesthetic : a drug that causes loss of feeling in one part of the body general anaesthetic : a drug that causes unconsciousness after-effects : effects that follow the primary action of something post-operative : relating to the period after surgery

That’s me.Dr.Verma? Mrs.Raman comes to the door.Verma : Can I see Dr. . Madam.Raman? My son his hurt his knee. Is the child’s knee painful bleeding ? Mrs. In the mean while.Verma: and Vikram join the group of people sitting in the waiting room. 24 hour Clinic Receptionist: Did you make medical appointment. 24 hour Clinic Receptionist: Don’t get excited. could I have? But I must have the child’s knee treatment and dressing done urgently.Verma Yes. I couldn’t make medical appointment for child accident. Mrs. The doctor does attend to emergencies. please fill in this form.Verma No.Raman : Mrs.Verma: Then what shall I do? Shall I go to urgent care hospital? Doctors 24 hour Clinic Patients waiting to make appointment 24 hour Clinic Receptionist: Please wait here. I’ll fit you in between the appointments. though normally the doctor is so busy that he can only see patients who have made priormedical appointment. The bleeding has stopped. Dr. . Madam? Mrs. Madam. But then I hadn’t expected my son to have a fall and hurt himself.English Conversations -Doctors 24 hour Clinic 84 Mrs.Verma : No. 24 hour Clinic Receptionist: Please wait in the waiting room and I’ll Call you the moment the doctor is free. Good morning.Mrs.

Vikram Oh! That hurts. Come along young man. The knee will be all right. I’ve mademedical appointment.Raman: You are a young child. Dr. Do you have pain behind knee. Mrs. There you are. In case getsfever or the pain is too severe. I’ll have a look at your knee. I’ll see you right after child’s knee wound dressing. Mrs. That is a good boy. Raman: I understand your son has had a fall and has knee ligament injury. give him one of these tablets? .Raman: Hello. Mrs. The knee will be a bit stiff for a few days. Verma.Raman: There is no need for any prescription medicines. Mrs. An elderly woman gets up and hurries forward towards the doctor. This is a nasty wound.He needs knee treatment.Raman. It is my turn. Doctor Patients discussion Dr. He’ll. I’ll clean it. You have knee swelling.Verma:Will he be all right doctor? Aren’t you going to give any prescription medicines? Dr.Sonia . Please excuse me for a few minutes. There is nothing to worry about. Dr. Dr. be all right. you can’t see him first.Raman: It won’t be long.DOCTOR attending injured knee Dr.I will start Knee Treatment.Sonu. put some tincture iodine on it and do bandage dressing lightly.Raman: (Examining the wounds). You have Knee ligament Injurywhich causes knee pain Cut. but not too serious. I’ll give you an Tetanus injections to ward off any infection. Elderly woman: Oh Dr. please bring your son into the treatment rooms All three of them go into the treatment rooms of 24 hour Doctors clinic. I know it is your turn.. but this child needs immediate attention.

Doctor Raman 25 Doctor Prescribing Medicine SDL-100 Super Diode Laser For Salons. These tablets are only a precaution. Physicians. doctor? Dr.Verma: Do you think he’ll get fever. I think he’ll be all right. young man. Mrs. Goodbye. Don’t worry. Doctor is examining the patient Mrs.Raman:No. But in case he does get a temperature.Mrs. Give the tablet. Mrs. Vikram: Thanks. Well. doctor.Verma: After how many hours do I give him one of these tablets? Dr. then come back to me again. be careful the next time you get off a bus.Verma: Where do I pay your consultation fees and for the medicines? Dr.Verma:Thank you very much.Raman: Don’t give him a tablets unless he feels very uncomfortable with pain. Then come and see me again at 24 hour Doctors clinic. if he gets fever. in the morning. and Doctors! by Biotechnique Avance .Raman: At the reception counter. Madam.

B : Gee. Staples. [Update] A : How can I help you? B : I need to make an appointment for check up on my eyes. Kim. A : Thanks for waiting. A : No problem. I’ve been fighting a cold for more than a week. A : We’re running a bit behind schedule. Maybe I’ll have to go to the walk-in-clinic instead. I was really hoping to get in today or tomorrow in case I need some antibiotics. A : Okay Mr Staples. My eyes ache and are watery [teary. B : That’s great. A : No problem. and I think I might have a chest infection or something. It’s at home and I’m at work right now. A : Actually. we had a cancellation for 2:00pm today if you can get away from the office. Hold one moment while I grab your chart. B : Sure. Thanks for fitting me in. Jane speaking. sorry. what do you need to see the doctor about? B : Well. Do you think it can wait until Wednesday? B : Oh. achy]. so you can probably count on seeing the doctor around 2:30. What’s your name. please.At the hospital A : Doctor’s office. it’s almost 1:00pm already. please? B : Michale Staples. A visit to the hospital . Doctor Kim is off tomorrow. How can I help you? B : I need to make an appointment with Dr. A : Do you know your chart number? B : No. while I look at monitor. [My eyes are tired staring at monitor]. Mr. My cough is getting worse each day. I think I can make it if I leave right now. Now. We’ll see you in an hour or so. A : Hmm.

Joyce: Okay. Joyce: Okay Doctor. Joyce: So. But he should be well enough to go home today. but I don’t know if he’ll come at giving up the smokes. But I want to make it clear that this was not a heart you must be Joyce. Could you tell me which ward Mr John Smith has ended up in please? I’m his wife. room 22. he has to give up the ciggies. and increase his water intake. thanks a lot Doctor. He’ll need to take the next week or so off. He did not exhibit regular heart attack symptoms but his condition warrants further investigation. This is a common cause of high blood pressure. Joyce: Ta. Oh and after he’s adjusted to his new diet. Joyce: When will we know for sure? Doctor: I should have the test results back within a few days. He can’t wriggle out of it this time. Just go along the corridor and turn right and you’ll spot Doctor Sing outside room 22. no caffeine. no dairy and only lean meat or chicken. I’ll let him know about those foods. what should I do? Doctor: Warn him off fatty foods. otherwise he could take a turn for the worse. Doctor: I suspect that his arteries have narrowed. Please follow the prescription exactly. Nurse: Certainly. You may need to wait.html Role Playing Script . He’s undergoing tests at the moment. Doctor: Well.Joyce: Excuse me. ---------------------Joyce: Hello. No salt. he’s okay? What happened? Nurse: You’ll need to speak to the Doctor on duty about that.speakoz. Joyce: So. And definitely no alcohol. Ah. it’s either that or he’ll be back here in worse condition within the next few months. I’ve given him a prescription for some Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitors and a Diuretic. Joyce: Oh my God! He’ll never be able to do without any of those. I’m going to have to impose on him a new health regime. He’s in Ward 4. are you Doctor Sing? Doctor: Yes. Preliminary tests indicate a risk of heart disease. We’re looking into it at the moment. http://www. Your husband collapsed at work. Joyce: Will he be okay? Doctor: Well. He’s showing signs of continuously high blood pressure as a possible result of constant stress. sketch out a diet regime rich in green and red fruits and vegetables.

and Marcy) Narrator: Mary and Cheryl have been best friends since kindergarten. The only other announcement I have this afternoon is from Marcy. Olsen. Mr. If anyone finds it. Olsen the Principal: Good afternoon everyone. (Cheryl puts the ring in her pocket) Narrator: Both girls leave the washroom and go to their classroom. Mr. This morning I lost my pearl ring. The character trait we have been focusing on this week is accepting responsibility for our actions. Mary: (holding the door open) Hurry up Cheryl or we’re going to be late. Cheryl. Mary. It is very special to me because my grandma gave it to me. I think this is a real pearl in the ring. Mary: You can turn it into the office at last recess. They get to their desks just as the afternoon announcements start. Be sure to practice this if the opportunity arises. Marcy: Hi everyone. I think I might have dropped it in the washroom. They play together at recess and always stand up for one another when they need to. Now she will be able to show everyone how honest she is. could you please turn it into the office? Narrator: Mary looks at Cheryl and smiles.Lesson #6 (parts needed are Narrator. Mary: (looks toward the ceiling as if she is thinking and speaks her thoughts aloud) I’m sure glad Cheryl found the ring. . They are the last two students to leave the washroom at the end of the lunch recess. Cheryl: (holds up a ring) Look what I found on the floor.

. Let’s hurry outside and get the swings. It would be kind of like stealing if you kept it. I found it and Finders Keepers. Olsen thank you for being so honest when you turned in the ring? Cheryl: I didn’t take it to the office Mary. Mary: Hi Cheryl. It belongs to Marcy. it’s not yours.Cheryl: (looks toward Mary with a guilty look on her face and speaks her thoughts aloud) I’ve always wanted a ring like the one I found. Losers Weepers! You’re the only one who knows so promise you won’t tell anyone. Mary: Cheryl. Cheryl: No it’s not. She doesn’t want to tell on her best friend but she knows that keeping the ring would be dishonest. aren’t you going to take the ring to the office before we go outside? Cheryl: I’ll take it after school. Did Mr. Mary: But Cheryl.Narrator: That night after supper Mary phones Cheryl at home. Narrator: At recess Mary and Cheryl head outside together. Narrator: Mary’s not sure what to do. I really like it and I’m going to keep it.

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