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Annexed hereto isa copy of the Ohio State Re~ port exactly as received fron the Bureau of Ednca= tional Research of Ohio Sti At the public meeting held some time ago at Land School, the Board of Bducationrepresented 11d make available copies of tho Report, ved, in the exact form as the report was prepared by the represent; the guidance of Dr, Herrick. Tho Board of Education has notas yet madé an mont concerning this report pending hereof, and, in reading this re+ must know that the contents there: ossarily express any views, opinions s of the Board of Education, This re~ wt, therefore, is released for information pur- NING NEE IN ENGLEWOOD, NEW JBRSEY by John H, Herr! The Bureau of Educ: ‘The College of The Ohio State University Columbus, Ohio Board of Education Englewood City am J, Fitzpatrick, Pri Jerome t, Vice President Mrs, Winifred R. Schanbera, Secretary Stearns, Superintendent of Schools