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Gather all of your beautiful Friendly Plastic scraps and small bits and pieces that you have been saving. Because we are going to use them to create fabulous Abstract art pieces worthy of framing.


Start by selecting a few pieces that you think might work well together.


Play around with the placement, until you are happy with the overall design.

Note: I call this part REHEARSAL... having a plan in place before going to the griddle with my pieces.


Now it is time to get cooking... Place the baking sheet onto the pre-heated griddle, and one at a time in the design you have arranged begin placing the pieces onto the griddle. Allow the base pieces to soften, before adding next layer.


Trim any of the pieces that are a bit too long.


Lightly press the thin strips into place to ensure that they stay put... right where you want them.


As you can see I love the look of black and white stripes together with all the beautiful bright colors. For this reason I will create small black and white striped sheets for use in projects just like this one. They add that perfect whimsical touch.


Leaving small gaps between the long strips allows the background to show through.


Small circles and dots add another fun element to your design.


Plus they are a great way to add another color element or fill in an empty space.


Rings are another playful element to add to your design.


Almost complete... just one more little dot.


No... I think it needs this one last pop of color.


There we go... that looks good. Allow all of the pieces to soften and inlay into one another. This takes just a few minutes. Once you are happy with the inlay process, remove the baking sheet from the griddle and allow the plastic to cool. Remove the plastic from the pan. Frame your new design or use it in any number of applications. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.


Why stop with just one. Here are a few more designs for inspiration.


Jana Ewy
TOOLS & MATERIALS Friendly Plastic scraps Griddle: (set at 200-250 degrees) Needle tool Non-stick baking sheet Scissor

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