How is it that God Answers Prayers when God is Unchanging in His Essence? By Anthony J. Faber, B.A., J.D., Phd.

Perpetual (C)Copyright (2012 C.E.) By Anthony J. Fejfar and Neothomism P.C. (PA) It is widely known that God’s Essence, that is to be Good, is Unchanging. Since God is Good, and since an important aspect of The Good is Existence, God Exists and is Good. And since God’s Existence and Essence is a Dynamic Good, God is An Unmoved, Mover. Also, God is The God of Being and The God of Reason. Yet, as a result of the Fall of Eve into Original Sin, we know that reality or existence is flawed. Eve chose the evil of conventional wisdom and this affected the Quantum Field in a negative way, such that reality and existence contain evil, and one aspect of that evil is that harmful accidents take place. Now, give the foregoing, one might ask how it is that God can answer our Prayers which are made in good faith. That God can answer our good faith prayers is possible because God can

act using Divine Wisdom and make an Equitable Exception from the general rule of God Acting using Primarily Necessary and Unchanging Laws and Causes. Thus, God can Act through Equitable Exception to answer our good faith prayers, especially where evil factors have come into play which are not reasonable, but instead involve irrational evil. The Holy Spirit of Divine Wisdom helps to answer our good faith prayers using alinear solutions and methods, not just those which are linear and strictly analytic in nature.

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