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Dixon High School Communication Arts Department English II: EOC Preparation Concept: Idioms

22 October 2012

Objectives Students will:

Correctly identify and interpret the meaning of common English idioms Work cooperatively to incorporate the idioms into sentences Illustrate or demonstrate the "fun" interpretations of the idioms Produce a creative 3D representation of a chosen idiomatic expression

Materials Needed

Computer access, Idiom Power Point Presentation, and an In Focus Projector A list of common English idioms for each student (provided below) A jar or container with common idioms written on slips of paper (list provided below) Art supplies (drawing paper & markers or dry erase board & markers) Computer access for students (optional)

Lesson Plan

Before the Lesson Create a student worksheet which includes a list of grade-appropriate idiomatic expressions. A list of 50 idioms has been provided. Write common idioms on pieces of paper, fold, and place in a jar or container

A great resource for additional expressions is The Dictionary of English Idioms & Idiomatic Expressions: The Lesson Use the Idiom Power Point Presentation to assess the current level of student familiarization with common idiomatic expressions. Students will enjoy guessing or trying to guess the correct expression based on the given illustration. Answers are provided following each slide. Arrange students into pairs or groups of three or four. Provide each student with a copy of the list. Allow students some time to discuss the meanings of the idioms. Each group will choose ten idioms and write creative sentences which demonstrate their thorough understanding of the idiomatic expression. Students may work with their partners/group members to write the sentences, or you may allow students in the group to divide the list into equal sections. Be sure to allow students/groups time to share their favorite sentences.

Idiom Pictionary or Charades: Arrange the class into four teams. Ask each team to pick a written idiom from the idiom container and create a picture representing the literal meaning of the idiom. (For example: If the idiom is "foot the bill," students might draw a picture of a foot with a dollar bill or a duck's bill on it.) Then have each team show its picture to the other teams. The team that identifies the idiom first scores 5 points. The team scoring the most points wins. As an alternative, use the same concepts and play Idiom Charades instead!

Sample Idioms for Pictionary or Charades

hit the books make a beeline got a tiger by the tail a frog in the throat pie in the sky bat in the belfry blow his or her stack hit the nail on the head go fly a kite have a green thumb pull a leg eager beaver stick in the mud have a ball raining cats and dogs make a mountain out of a molehill have something up the sleeve pull the wool over someone's eyes walls have ears lose one's marbles

Assessment Options After students have played the game, quiz them orally on their understanding of the correct meaning of the idioms. Have students read the idiom story and complete the idiom quiz at In Step With Idioms: They should correctly identify the meaning of at least 8 of the 10 idiomatic expressions in the idiom quiz.

Additional Resource If your students have computer access, share the fun resource below with them: Self-Study Idiom Quizzes

Idiom Project Idea Allow students to choose an idiom for which they will create a three dimensional project. On the idiom selection day, do not allow students within the same class to choose the same idiom to represent. Be sure to give each student a copy of the project rubric on the selection day. Encourage students to keep their project ideas a secret; this will lead to a great deal of anticipation and excitement for the presentation day. On presentation day, for additional secrecy, allow students to drop off projects at the beginning of the day and place them anonymously on a designated table for their class hour. Place numbers on sticky notes next to each project. During class, allow students the opportunity to vote for their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice projects. Reward bonus points to the winners of the top three projects.

Idiom Project Rubric

Name: ____________________________ Class: _____________________________ Concept: Idiom Project Rubric

Date: _____________

Pts. Possible Idiom is original and chosen by __________ 5

Pts. Earned _______ _______

Name, Idiom Title, Date, Class hour on the bottom of the project 5

Idiom meaning is clearly evident Creative usage of your medium WOW!! factor

60 20 10

_______ _______ ________




Idiom List The list below is a good starter list for students. For a more complete list of expressions use the Dictionary of English Idioms & Idiomatic Expressions.

All ears Ants in your pants Arm and a leg At the end of your rope Axe to grind Back to the drawing board Barking up the wrong tree Between the lines Blood out of a stone Blow your stack Bone to pick Bull in a China shop By the skin of your teeth Can of worms Cold feet Crash a party Cry your eyes out Dont wash your dirty laundry in public Down in the dumps Eagle eyes Elephant in the room Feeling Blue Fifth wheel Fish out of water Go round in circles

Grab the bull by its horns Head is in the clouds Heart of gold Hook, line, and sinker Horse of a different color In the doghouse It cost an arm and a leg Jump the gun Like a fish needs a bicycle Make waves Money talks Opening a can of worms Out on a limb Piece of cake Pull someone's leg Pull your weight Rock the boat See the light Stick out like a sore thumb Tall story Thin-skinned Thrilled to bits Walk on eggshells Written all over your face You can say that again

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