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Float plan This is all the emrgency information you will need: www. eines : Paddling Otaku If we don't report in by am/pm on com Please call at Please report us as overdue provide the following information: Kayakers Name Name Name Age Gender. Age Gender. Age Gender. Phone Phone Phone Kayak color. Kayak color, Kayak color. Clothing color Clothing color Clothing color Med. Training Med. Training Med. Training P p P We have the following gear: (Handheld/aerial Flares (() EPIRB/PLB Water for Days Signal mirror O spotdevice Food for __ Days. Di Laser signal 1 ViF radio Fuelfor ____Days (1 Strobe/camera flash OD First aid kit Sat. Phone # (1 smoke/dye marker Fire starter Cell Phone # Ownistle DO water fitter Our campsites will have ___tents of the (Chemical Light sticks following colors Put in Location on Take out Location on Personal vehicles are at the following locations: Vehicle 1: Located at Lic. # Color Vehicle 2: Located at. Lic. # Color Vehicle 3: Located at. Lic. # Color Float plan www. Paddling Otaku com Proposed Route MAP OF PROPOSED ROUTE