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Business Intelligence Interactive Dashboard - Version: [1905] and later [Release: 11g and later ] Information in this document applies to any platform.

On : [1905] version, Analytics When attempting to run a report the following error occurs. ERROR ----------------------Exceeded Configured Maximum Number Of Allowed Output Prompts, Prompts, Sections, Rows or Columns Error Codes : IRVLJWTA:OI2DL65P

The issue is caused by the the fact parameters need to be set in the instanceconfig.xml file to increase the values for prompts, Columns, Sections etc

Please add the following parameters to the Instanceconfig.xml file and increase the values to see which one of these parameters resolves the behaviour:<MaxVisibleColumns>3000</MaxVisibleColumns> <MaxVisibleRows>1500</MaxVisibleRows> <MaxVisibleSections>50</MaxVisibleSections> Please remember to set the parameters between the appropriate tag (i.e. <Table>, <Pivot>, etc) within <ServerInstance><Views>...</Views></ServerInstance>. Example:<ServerInstance> <Views> <Pivot> <MaxVisibleColumns>300</MaxVisibleColumns> <MaxVisiblePages>1000</MaxVisiblePages> <MaxVisibleRows>500</MaxVisibleRows> <MaxVisibleSections>25</MaxVisibleSections> <DefaultRowsDisplayed>30</DefaultRowsDisplayed> </Pivot> </Views>

3.System Administrator's Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition > 19.2 Manually Configuring Settings for Data in Views .</ServerInstance> Further detail on these parameters can be found in the following documentation .1.