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One dream in particular rocked me. I saw a vast number of children from other countries locked behind a door with a fire blazing behind them. I I trust that this finds you all well and at peace in could see their anguished faces Father God's love! through the door windows and as they were being burned alive they How did this all start?! screamed, "Who will come and save I was a little boy, around eight years of age, when God us?! Who will come set us free?!" At that moment I shouted out the name called me serve people overseas. Countless times, the Lord would invade my dreams in the night and would download of Jesus as loud as I could. The door His heart for the nations into me. Sometimes in the dreams, I flew open, and the children came would be in Africa praying for and ministering to the sick in a running out, playing and laughing dilapidated hospital; other times I would be walking down a while a blue glow shined behind them Latin American street, passing by lost sons and daughters of instead of the fire! I woke up God sitting in the dirt weeping- their hearts longing for hope. completely undone, but also confused. Time and time again as I slept, Father would show me faces, In the dream I saw some kids from the peoples, countries....all causing my heart to be inclined toward area of the world the Lord first put on the nations and passionate about reaching the lost. Although my heart, but there were also a great number of Asian children. Furthermore, I specifically knew at the time I was too young to understand what the calling of God they were from South East Asia, but could not figure out why was on one's life was, I knew down to the Lord had put them in the dream. Asia was nowhere on my the core of my being that those faces, radar at that time! It was not until years later, while in Bible peoples and countries are what I was college that I took a trip to the South East Asia region, and God moved on my heart for it. Later on down the line, I born for! hooked up with Iris Ministries and ended up on the Cambodia A few years down the road found me in a season where I was not team for the scouting trip that I was apart of this last March! following the Lord and disobediently The time has come! running after my own ambitions and I tell you that whole background story to bring you to desires. I ignored all of the dreams, all of the faces, all of the nations that the this point of my life. After 15 years of waiting , praying, Lord had marked my heart for. I had preparing, and contending for what the Lord has called me to, traded in the incredible adventurous the time has finally come!! I am getting ready to move to Cambodia to start full time ministry! As you can imagine, this destiny that He had called me to is a very exciting time for me! Like many of you know, I will be pursue for a mundane life apart from Him. To make a long working with Iris Ministries, founded by Rolland and Heidi story short, a couple of years later, the Lord romanced me back into relationship with Him and at a youth retreat in the Baker. Although much of Iris' ministry is primarily in Africa, midst of being undone by both His love and His conviction, I countries all over the world have been opening up for them, gave my heart fully to Him! Four months afterward, I was on including many places in Asia. Cambodia is just one of those my way to my first mission trip in the Solomon Islands. After countries that the Lord has targeted! A few of my friends from Iris, whom I was in the country with last march in March, are I came back from that trip, I quickly became completely wrecked for the nations again, and that gentle, yet powerful already there working on language studies and cultural voice of Holy Spirit started speaking to me about the calling adaptation, and have secured an operations base! For now the that He had not taken off of my life, although I had thrown it plan for me is to stay in the Unites States for the next few months to continue to prepare (physically, financially and away. And He started giving me dreams again.... DEAR FRIENDS & FAMILY,

Although it is our desire for all children being sold for sex, our main focus will be on boys. Estimates are that around 60% of the child sex abuse cases are actually Our Vision boys and many organizations and In the past couple of newsletters, I have briefly ministries are unwilling to work highlighted the goal of Iris Cambodia. It is almost impossible with them. Even people in the that you haven't heard of the sex trafficking epidemic that has church have had a “Why bother with taken hold of Southeast Asia. Each year, the bodies of them?” mentality when it comes to innumerable amounts of people are sold working with the little boys who are to satisfy perverted pleasures, and being abused. Much of our work will unfortunately, a large sum of these sex be taking preventative measures to slaves are incredibly young. Cambodia see that children don't become victims of pedophiles and eventually, has an enormous problem of sex tourism involving children. A UNICEF we plan to open up a home for boys survey concluded that 35 percent of of all ages who have been damaged by sexual abuse to come to and be Cambodia's 15,000 prostitutes are children under the age of 16. There are restored...however long that may even stories of kids as young as three or take. A team of counselors, medical doctors, and missionaries four being forced into sex work. Some will be there to make it a place in which they will be free to children are sold by their own parents, start the healing process. Besides working to end sex slavery though, the Lord has also put in my heart to reach out to or groomed and tricked into sex by a foreign pedophile. Others are lured by youth, unreached tribal groups, and Buddhists! I am so excited for the God has for me in Cambodia! Iris Cambodia's first building! what they think are legitimate job offers but then are forced to sell themselves. Please continue to pray for me during this time of preparation: Children are often held captive, beaten, and starved to force that my heart and mind will be fully ready to take on ministry there, and that my financial needs will be met. I will be them into prostitution, causing long term physical, mental, needing to raise around $1,000 to $1,500 in monthly support, emotional and spiritual damage. and I am fully trusting the Lord to bring it in! What an We are living in a day, however, when the Lord is awesome adventure and responsibility this will be! God Bless breathing His passion for justice into His Bride, and we are responding with hearts willing to go to the darkest and most You! -Nathan horrific places to see His Reign established. It is the objective of Iris Cambodia to see the atrocity of child sex slavery eradicated, and to see revival birthed in the nation through signs, wonders, miracles, and a great harvest of souls.

spiritually!) for the big move over there and hopefully, join them in Phnom Penh in January or February!

Please Pray!!
-For this critical season of preparation that I am in -For my health, as I am STILL continuing to regain my strength from having malaria and dengue fever last year. I am almost fully recovered! -For my monthly budget to be raised in a timely and efficient manner

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