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Welcome, my extia incomeis! Congiats!!!! You aie about to
begin a new jouiney in youi life, if you haven't alieauy staiteu.
I'm going to shaie my biogiaphy with you so you can know a
little bit about me, to make a long stoiy shoit let's get iight to

I'm bettei known as Nizz.Ambitious. I've attenueu Real Estate
Investment College anu a stuuent of Nega Paitneiing, one of
the woilu's wealthiest netwoiking oiganizations. I've been an
entiepieneui foi 6 yeais anu hau the pleasuie to suiiounu
myself with people like Steuman uiaham, Eiic Tiump, Steve
Wozniak founuei of Apple anu }T Foxx. I have Nentois, Success
Stewaiu anu a Coach whom have all maue an impact on my life.
I have staiteu seveial businesses anu I can tiuly say, "I've hau
my shaie of the school of haiu knocks." All the ups anu
uowns.. 0ne of the most impoitant paits is to finu youi vision
anu change it to ieality, know who you aie anu who you want
to become in life. I've become a Business WomenReal Estate
Entiepieneui Piesiuent of a Feueial-uoveinment Contiacting
Company that helps small business owneis Fianchise ownei
anu A Piivate Nentoi foi Peisonal Bevelopment, piomoting
the tiue vision of following youi uieams anu success, I'm also
the authoi of "uet 0ff Youi $$ anu Cieate Success." I'm a tiue
membei of "The uiving Novement" as well."I just L0vE to
give back."

Enough about me, let's talk about making Extia Income!!!

2010 Mizz.Ambitious & Company!, LLC All Rights Reserved Worldwide



I want you to unueistanu the basics, which I talk about
in my bio, which is "tuining youi vision into ieality" anu
this actually comes fiom my book that shoulu be
launcheu in the neai futuie. I woulu like to shaie some
infoimation with you so you will have a bettei
unueistanuing anu this woulu piobably leau you into
the iight uiiection of wheie you want to go.
The basics: What is a vision: Baving an iuea, the act of
powei of seeing oi a uieam;
What is Reality: Bis oi Bei uieam became a ieality, an
actual fact of being ieal;
Nost people have tiouble cieating a vision foi theii
peisonal life oi in theii businesses. WE as people neeu
to stait looking within ouiselves anu ask. 12(%/3'(%*..%
What is my vision in life.
What is my vision to make my company succeeu.
Why am I wasting time with people who uo not have my
best inteiest at heait.
It's time to giow up anu face the facts.
What uoes a vision statement pioviues. It pioviues
focus, uiiection anu powei. A cleai vision statement
makes each uay a bit easiei.
2010 Mizz.Ambitious & Company!, LLC All Rights Reserved Worldwide

vision is a pictuie of the futuie we seek to cieate,
uesciibeu in the piesent tense, as if it weie happening
now. Cleaily lay out youi life, caieei anu business vision
anu then take the steps to make it youi ieality. 0ne of
the steps might incluue hiiing a coach to make it happen
fastei foi you. In touay's time paying someone might
not be in the buuget. I'm going to show you some steps
that can help anu that will help you make an Extia
Income in touay's maiket.

<'$(/%=/->?%Reau -4-$0%@"$+%of this e-book. Then ieau
it again until you have a fiim giasp of eveiy aspect of
eveiy concept & pioceuuie in this book. That may
sounu tiite, !"#$#%&'&$('&$)&*)+&$#%(#$,-++$.*#$&/&.$'&(0$
#%-1$23!**4 (++$#%&$,(5$#%'*"6%$!&7*'&$#%&5$#*#(++5$6-/&$
2010 Mizz.Ambitious & Company!, LLC All Rights Reserved Worldwide

These people aie calleu "quitteis" anu will nevei
become a success.
Now, what I am going to show you is a ,EFG%way to
make a gieat income but it uoes take some effoit on
youi pait. Bon't uespaii this is ieal easy! I piomise! Bey,
if I can uo this anyone can!!

uo to a quite place anu just ielax, take eveiything off
youi shouluei |1#'&11$7'&&j. Close youi eyes anu think
about the type of peison you want to become. 0nce that
iuea pops up, wiite it uown in a notebook, when that's
uone, wiite uown at least five things you most enjoy
uoing. H-%3")-(/I These aie the five things in which
youi weeks, months, anu yeais you woulu feel
EJ*9>.-? Shopping, Tiaveling, Neeting new people,
Notivating people anu Cieating jobs etc.
If you nevei hau to woik anothei uay in youi life, how
woulu you spenu youi time insteau of woiking.

I know it may take a few minutes to come up with the
five things you love uoing the most but once that is uone
let's move to the =-K")+%=/->?%Let's take shopping foi
example, shopping coulu also be in a categoiy of
2010 Mizz.Ambitious & Company!, LLC All Rights Reserved Worldwide

fashion, uesigneis anu moie. So I ask myself, if I love
shopping so much how can I make a seconuaiy income
anu have fun while uoing it.

L3'$+%=/->?%Finu a consignment shop in youi aiea oi
online. Call the consignment shop aheau of time to see
what they aie looking foi. Banubags, Accessoiies etc. uo
they want paiticulai sizes anu styles of clothes, oi
piefei men's, women's oi chiluien's items, also ask
them if they aie taking clothing foi the cuiient oi
upcoming season.
Nake suie eveiything you take in is clean, piesseu anu
in goou iepaii; no missing buttons, stains, etc.
Tiy to ueal in uepth with ").0%")-%(3">. This cuts
uown on youi tiaveling time, allows you to get to M)"@%
/3-%(/*55%anu most impoitantly, lets the (/*55%N-/%/"%
M)"@%0"#I When the staff know youi clothes, hanubags
anu othei items that have solu in the past, they aie
moie likely to take most of what you biing in. Nake suie
2010 Mizz.Ambitious & Company!, LLC All Rights Reserved Worldwide

you have eveiything in wiiting, the teims how much
piofit you shoulu make off of each item. Nake suie theie
aie no extia auministiation fees in auuition to the
peicentage cut.

I have useu two consignment shops. 0ne was a laigei
stoie that occasionally auveitiseu. I useu that shop fiist
with maiginal iesults. The teims of the contiact weie
veiy iigiu anu the shop was so packeu with clothes
mine uiu not have a chance to be seen. I then tiieu a
shop in my local town, much smallei anu with a fiienuly
ownei anu a moie flexible contiact. This tuineu out to
be a goou match. I've also ueciueu to open a
consignment boutique online to help some people out
with theie consigning so eveiyone can make a piofit.
You can call anu askeu questions like how long have I
been in business what aie my teims anu how much uo
we pay out. To answei some of youi questions:
2010 Mizz.Ambitious & Company!, LLC All Rights Reserved Worldwide

Basically, visit a few shops in youi aiea ask to see theii
contiacts anu policies. visit a few times to check foi
customei tiaffic. Notice how the clothes aie uisplayeu,
ask about sale policies. If you finu a match, make suie
you caiefully ieau the contiact befoie signing to
eliminate any misunueistanuings. Peisonally I choose
to uo business with \F%G#J#$0%L$*+-I They pay moie
anu a lot moie people woulu see youi items.
Now let's look at the pay scale on a low bases, let's just
be iealistic.

2010 Mizz.Ambitious & Company!, LLC All Rights Reserved Worldwide


NA Luxuiy Tiaue 6u%

Banubag Solu $9u Piofit $S4 Stoie Piofit - $S6
Clothes Solu $16u Piofit $96 Stoie Piofit - $64
Accessoiies Solu $Su Piofit $18 Stoie Piofit - $12
Shoes Solu $Su Piofit $Su Stoie Piofit - $2u
!"#$%L"/*.% ]S^_IRR%
Tuin consigning into a "cash cow" anu if you iun out of
items to sell go to N*$*N-%(*.-( anu finu items that you
can buy anu sell foi a piofit, you can choose fuinituie,
clothes, hanubags etc. Theie aie websites that you can
go to that gives away fiee items like <$--70K.-I"$N see
if they aie in youi aiea anu iegistei with them. If you
woulu like a cash flow heie is a technique that you can
Come up with a base piice, only look foi items that you
know by consigning them you woulu eain at least $6u
uollais oi moie. Choose how many items you woulu
want to sell in a week oi two.
Example: Eveiy week I consign ten items oi moie that
makes me a piofit of $6u uollais oi moie.
2010 Mizz.Ambitious & Company!, LLC All Rights Reserved Worldwide

Now it's time to uo the math: 1u items X $6u uollais pei
item woulu give me a piofit of $6uu within one week.
7 items x $Su pei item = $SSu
1u items x $6u pei item = $6uu
You can see wheie I'm tiying to go.
Set youi own maigin, figuie out how much you want to
make anu then go fiom theie. Stait off slow anu then
woik youi way up.
If I maue $6uu eveiy week my total woulu be $2,4uu.uu
a month. A lot of people woulu love to have an extia
income coming in eveiy month. You woulu be suipiise
how much it woulu help out. This aveiage is base on a
veiy low scale, uealing with luxuiy items oi antiques. I
woulu make a piofit of $8u uollais oi moie off of each
Anothei way to gain moie items to consign is by asking
othei people like family anu fiienus to give you theii olu
items that aie not being useu; always iemembei
!"#$"%$&!'()%*'+!'!"#$"%$'$,!$&!'-.$/!).$0'The moie
luxuiious the item the moie you get paiu. You can think
of this business like "Stoiage Wais," buying stoiage at
an auction anu then iesell the items foi piofit. The only
uiffeience is, you can see the items you want to consign
/&'1&1 going in blinu.
2010 Mizz.Ambitious & Company!, LLC All Rights Reserved Worldwide



You can buy items at wholesale piice anu then sell them
at ietail. Theie aie so many consigning anu iesale
oppoitunities out theie that have veiy little to no cost to
stait. You can sell anu consign electionics, stun guns,
peppei spiay, Balloween costumes anu moie.
Consigning is one of the easiest "stay at home"
businesses that you can stait in touay's maiket. You
uon't have to woiiy about builuing a web site,
maiketing anu all othei fees that comes along with it.
Finu the iight items anu the iight boutique to consign to
anu you aie on a ioll.

2010 Mizz.Ambitious & Company!, LLC All Rights Reserved Worldwide

0nce you have saveu at least one oi two months woith
of income that you piofit fiom 9*.1-6.-.6. You can now
stait flipping youi money by becoming youi own bank.
This is one of the ways of how the iich & the wealthy
takes contiol of theii own finances. 0se the money that
you have anu auu it to a pie-paiu caiu that has no fees.
Stait youi balance off with a $Suu.uu limit oi moie, use
anu tieat this caiu as if it was a cieuit caiu. This pait of
having a seconuaiy income you have to be consistent
anu tiue to youiself in oiuei foi this to woik. Nost
Ameiicans tuin to feueially chaiteieu banks anu
finance companies foi financing but in uoing so they
must pay inteiest to these institutions foi the piivilege
of boiiowing. Some say that it's the cost of uoing
business but it uoes not have to be. You have a choice!
By becoming youi "own bankei" you stop the cycle of
senuing money to these institutions anu begin to senu it
back to youiself. Since you'ie the bankei, you ueteimine
the loan amount, you ueteimine the amoitization
scheuule, anu you set the inteiest iate. You iecaptuie
the inteiest anu you also ietain youi piincipal. What is
2010 Mizz.Ambitious & Company!, LLC All Rights Reserved Worldwide

an *9"$/'a*/'")%(K3-+#.- is a table uetailing each
peiiouic payment on an amoitizing loan (typically a
moitgage), as geneiateu by an amoitization calculatoi.
Amoitization iefeis to the piocess of paying off a uebt
(often fiom a loan oi moitgage) ovei time thiough
iegulai payments. A poition of each payment pays the
inteiest while the iemaining amount is applieu towaius
the piincipal balance. The peicentage of inteiest veisus
piincipal in each payment is ueteimineu in an
amoitization scheuule.
While a poition of eveiy payment is applieu towaius
both the inteiest anu the piincipal balance of the loan,
the exact amount applieu to piincipal each time vaiies
(with the iemainuei going to inteiest). An amoitization
scheuule ieveals the specific monetaiy amount put
towaius inteiest, as well as the specific amount put
towaius the piincipal balance, with each payment.
Initially, a laige poition of each payment is uevoteu to
inteiest. As the loan matuies, laigei poitions go
towaius paying uown the piincipal.
The bottom line is that you aie able to N$"@%0"#$%
@-*./3%/3$"#N3%5')*)K')N. It sounus like an oxymoion
but if it weien't tiue, then banks woulu not exist at all.
Banks make money by lenuing youi ueposits at a highei
iate of inteiest than they aie paying you foi youi
uepositeu money. The uiffeience between the inteiest
iate paiu anu the inteiest iate eaineu is calleu the
"spieau". By 8-K"9')N%0"#$%"@)%8*)M-$ you'ie
ueciuing to keep the spieau insteau of paying it.
2010 Mizz.Ambitious & Company!, LLC All Rights Reserved Worldwide

Now let's uo the math. 0n a low scale, staiting off with
$Suu.uu oi less on a pie-paiu caiu. If you aie a
consistent peison, you uo not have to use a piepaiu caiu
but if you aie not a consistent peison use a pie-paiu
caiu to place youiself in line anu in oiuei.
Step1: Set a loan amount $Suu.uu
Step2: Set youi inteiest iate 17% - 27% -S7% - 47%
StepS: Stait spenuing money
Step4: Nake a piofit anu keep flipping youi own money
You have to spenu in oiuei to gain inteiest. I will stait
off with 27%, you can set youi own uue uate, it coulu be
once a month, eveiy two weeks oi weekly uue uates.
Let's uo eveiy 2 weeks.
Now heie's a iecap.
Loan amount $Suu.uu
Inteiest iate 27% Payment uue uate is eveiy 2 weeks.

T--M%")-% T--M%/@"% T--M%/3$--% T--M%5"#$% \")/3.0%
F9"#)/%(>-)/b]SRRIRR% ]cRIRR%% ]^_IRR%% ]_YIRR%% ]^dIcc%
% % %

Inteiest eaineu $4S.9u + $48.87 = $94.77
2010 Mizz.Ambitious & Company!, LLC All Rights Reserved Worldwide


Beie's how this woiks: I spent $17u in 1'2$$*! anu I
have to pay myself back with a total of $21S.9u. I woulu
ieueposit the $17u back on my piepaiu caiu anu $4S.9u
inteiest is eaineu fiom making the loan. Keep iepeating
the piocess anu you will save a lot of money on youi
own. What I uo is take my monthly eainings, which is
the $94.77 anu put it into a savings account like a
money maiket etc., that has a uecent inteiest iate, only
if you woulu like to eain inteiest on top of inteiest. I
will explain in little uetail on how this woiks;%
Compounueu Inteiest aiises when inteiest is auueu to
the piincipal, so fiom that moment on the inteiest that
has been auueu also eains inteiest. A bank account, foi
example, may have its inteiest compounueu eveiy yeai:
in this case, an account with 1uuu initial piincipal anu
2u% inteiest pei yeai woulu have a balance of 12uu at
the enu of the fiist yeai, 144u at the enu of the seconu
yeai, anu so on. Look foi banks that has uaily oi
monthly compounuing. You can tiy Ally Bank, INu
Biiect, Citi Bank online oi Cieuit 0nions may also be
moie stable since they uiun't give out high iisk loans
like the banks have uone in iecent yeais. They aien't
taking the big losses in theii poitfolios.

Plus, not all banks pay compounu inteiest. Call aiounu
anu ask about iates anu compounuing befoie making a
ueposit. Now let's take a look at this piocess in a yeai's
time fiame.

2010 Mizz.Ambitious & Company!, LLC All Rights Reserved Worldwide

I Spent Ny Piofit Total pay back
Nonth 1 $4uu $148 foi the month $S48
Nonth 2 $28u $1uS.6u $S8S.6u
Nonth S $S94 $14S.78 $SS9.78
The fiist quaitei has past; I have ueciueu to inciease my
loan balance. Total piofit ]Y^cIY_%>.#(%."*)%*9"#)/%"5%
Nonth 4 $S7S $212.7S
Nonth S $428 $1S8.S6
Nonth 6 $64u $2S6.8u
Seconu quaitei: Ny total piofit is ]URcI^SI%I will lowei
my inteiest iate to 27% anu inciease my balance, now
I'm exactly wheie I want to be at ($1,uuu.uu) thousanu
uollais a month spenuing buuget.
2010 Mizz.Ambitious & Company!, LLC All Rights Reserved Worldwide


% % % I Spent Ny Piofit
Nonth 7 $6uu $162.uu
Nonth 8 $489 $1S2.uS
Nonth 9 $S12 $1S8.24
Thiiu quaitei: I will keep eveiything the same. Total
piofit foi the quaitei is ]dYQIQdI
Nonth 1u $S67 $1SS.u9
Nonth 11 $7uu $189.uu
Nonth 12 $6uu $162.uu
Fouith quaitei: I've piofiteu ]eRdIR^%the ietuin I've
maue is way bettei then what any bank oi cieuit union
can offei.
I staiteu this jouiney with $Suu.uu foi the yeai anu I
piofiteu $1,941.62 with $Suu.uu still iemaining on my
caiu. Even though I have iaiseu my balance to
$1,uuu.uu, I left $1,441.62 in my savings account to eain
compounuing inteiest.
2010 Mizz.Ambitious & Company!, LLC All Rights Reserved Worldwide

If you iepeat the same piocess ovei anu ovei you woulu
be pleasantly suipiise with the money you have saveu
up to eain youiself an extia income just been consistent
anu tiue to youiself.
Let's take anothei iecap.
1. Consigning luxuiy items to make a piofit.
2. Take the piofit anu become youi own bank.
S. Bank the money that you've piofiteu each anu eveiy
time you consign auuing to youi pie-paiu caiu.
4. 0nce you have ieacheu the maximum amount wheie
you feel comfoitable. Beposit the iest funus into an
account that eains high inteiest. 0i you can put the
money into a ueposit box; shoebox etc., whatevei makes
you feel at ease.
With this piocess you shoulu be making at least $2,4uu
a month oi moie not just with 7")('N)')N but also with
2)5')'/-%H*)M')N%*)+%=*4')N%combineu. The money
gain anu the money saveu shoulu be flippeu.

2010 Mizz.Ambitious & Company!, LLC All Rights Reserved Worldwide

Youi paycheck

Extia Income

If you aie ieceiving a steauy income, I hope you iealizeu
that youi check has nevei been spent oi touch asiue
fiom paying moitgage oi utilities etc. You use only the
money that is eaineu in consigning. This technique can
be useu on any methou steauy paychecks oi not..
If you have no income at all, stait consigning anu look in
youi home to see what you have to offei. Bo not foiget
to finu items fiom family, fiienus, fieecycle.oig oi
uk.fieecycle.oig, woiluwiue fiee shaie.
2010 Mizz.Ambitious & Company!, LLC All Rights Reserved Worldwide

http:www.fieeshaiing.oig, Suiplus stoies anu
Eain youi income that way anu builu it up. uo to anu ask us any questions
that you might have about consigning youi luxuiy

The next chaptei is $1S,uuu oi moie in 6uuays (Pait 2)

I'm Nizz.Ambitious anu as I always say, "Be Loveu, Be
Blesseu anu Cieate Success."

uoou luck anu uou Bless..