• Bandar Seri Begawan next to Post Office building in the parking lot of TAIB building.

Who is Raja Ayang?
• Raja Ayang or Dang Ayang was not a princess eventhough her name was entitled as ‘Raja’ • However, according to Brunei history, she was a member of royal family.

The story:
• She was caught in an unlawful relationship with her brother. • They were supposed to be punished by stoning. • But no one has the heart to do it so the authorities compromised to build a cavern in the middle of forest. • They were provided with food supplies. • A small chimney where smoke can be seen coming out, this indicates they are still alive. • They were kept there for a long time until one day, no smoke coming out from the chimney. • Everyone presumed that they died.

Moral of the story:
• Sultan Sulaiman was a strict ruler. • Anyone who does not obey the law will get punished despite he or she is a royalty. • Dang Ayang’s punishment seemed harsh but some has said that the punishment that one will receive in the hereafter will be even more harsh.

Findings near the tombstone:
• Boxer codex and Genealogy of Bani Sulaiman. • Arabic transcriptions on the south and north side:

Superstition on the tombstone:
• An odd scene was found that people came to worship the tombstone to make their wishes come true like winning the lottery. • They believe that the souls can grant their wishes. • At night they came with flowers, candles, oil fragrances and incense. The visitors will sit and meditate there for 15 to 30 minutes.

Before & After

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