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DOMESTIC/INTERNATIONAL POLICE CONSULTANTS, AUDITORS AND TRAINING SPECIALISTS Management/Administration (Operations and Support), & Leadership Support Services. Alternative policing services options. Legislation, policy and standard operating procedures evaluation and development. Use of Force, Liability, misconduct assessments. Police Organizational Management and Restructuring Options. Criminal Investigations/ Crime Scene issues and Major Case Management. Assessment of prosecution cases filed (strengths/weakness). Intelligence Operations and Intelligence-led Policing Concepts. Patrol Operations/Strategies/Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness. Covert Police Operations and Managing Contributors. Border Control Strategies/Tactics and Patrol Effectiveness. Training Needs/Train the Trainer/ Assessment/ Professional Development & Analysis.
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Major Case Incidents/Command/Tactical Implications. Assessing the efficiency and technical competency of policing services and providing comprehensive reporting and recommendations to support jurisdictional authority/oversight, and organizational requirements- as well as operational and budgetary efficiencies and training/professional needs and development.