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Return of the Knight

Return of the Knight


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The Dark Knight returns from the bonds of death to find a much different Gotham than he left behind. A Gotham that has moved on from his legacy to a new man in Oswald Cobblepot. Batman will have to lean on the help of others to save Gotham from a tyrant who has not come to the fight alone.
The Dark Knight returns from the bonds of death to find a much different Gotham than he left behind. A Gotham that has moved on from his legacy to a new man in Oswald Cobblepot. Batman will have to lean on the help of others to save Gotham from a tyrant who has not come to the fight alone.

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Published by: dlunsford24 on Oct 20, 2012
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A black SUV pulls up at the building’s front entrance. Two armed
military personnel open the back passenger door and out steps
Cobblepot. The next man to greet Cobblepot is solid war veteran
militant with 4 stars atop each shoulder four star GENERAL

Carter: “Mr. Mayor welcome to Gotham Army Base. Glad to have you
on site.”

Cobblepot looks around at the state of the art facility.

Cobblepot: “Thank you General. You military boys spare no

Carter smiles: “Yes sir, right this way.”


The two men leisurely walk down the long stretch of hall. On
both sides hang pictures of former Presidents and various
moments in American history captured in time.

Carter: "The resources your empire and Gotham have been able to
provide are remarkable. We're installing Geometric Communication
Units, Ricon Surveillance Drones are online, and just received a

Return of the Knight 102

go for Quonto radar satellite imaging. We are the most highly
advanced, up to date, combat ready base on the planet."

Cobblepot: "Music to my ears General. Gotham sleeps easier under
your protection."

Carter: "Gotham City PD losing its edge? I heard Commissioner
Gordon had this place on lock down."

Cobblepot: "Batman had this place on lock down. Like you we do
not serve to make enemies but the territory of the job breeds
them. Like a parasite they learn to adapt, attacking you in ways
you've yet to consider."

Carter: "What are you saying?"

Cobblepot: "Having your brigade on SWAT isn't enough. I have no
doubts crime is going to make a final stand against my
legislation and our alliance.”

Carter: "Mr. Mayor, we are the most potent fighting force on the
planet. Street gangs and crime lords pose no threat."

Cobblepot: "I read your file General. You did several stints in
the Middle East."

Carter: “I fought in that hot box for 34 months. Made Queens and
Southside Chicago look like candy land.”

Cobblepot: “Ever run across Ra’s al Ghul and his League of

Carter chuckles: “The Demon’s Head? Heard stories from the
locals; sounded more like voodoo and magic.”

Cobblepot: “General I have seen that voodoo and magic, when not
taken serious, can be very dangerous.”

Carter: “Believe me Mr. Mayor it’s nothing an M240 can’t

Cobblepot: “Your confidence is reassuring but we have signs the
League is here.”

Carter: “How do you know?”

Return of the Knight 103

Cobblepot: “Gang activity has ceased over the past week with a
spree of homicides involving unusual methods.”

Carter: “Cutting skins and hanging bodies?”

Cobblepot: “Large impelled wounds from sword blades known to be
used by Ra’s al Ghul and his following.”

Carter: “I don’t think a sword in a gun fight will do them much

Cobblepot: “For the safety of Gotham and its people keep your
men ready. I fear a crusade is coming to our streets that’s
unlike anything we’ve seen on American soil. It will require all
of the strength and soul Gotham has left.”


Dick sits at the mainframe scanning through various articles of
Cobblepot and Oswald Enterprise. An article with the headline
followed by an article whose headline reads “RISE OF CELL SIX”.
Dick manipulates several buttons to a headline “GEOSPROUT AIDS
TERROR ORGANIZATION” Dick reads for a few moments and then

Grayson: “We got him.”


Tim, Bruce, and Barbara crowd around Dick at the mainframe.

Dick: “Oswald created a demi-company to do his deeds. Geosprout
was an environmental organization funding a mining expedition in
Arabia three months ago. Out of nowhere the expedition stopped
because the mining expedition was being done by a second demi-
company that went by Arnworth.”

The mainframe screen changes bringing up a picture of a Middle
Eastern man.

Dick: “The owner of Arnworth was traced back to this man
Trinidad Malik. Turns out Arnworth was a cover for the Cell Six
terrorist organization. Once ousted, every one scattered like
hungry vultures.”

Drake: “What was he mining for?”

Return of the Knight 104

Wayne: “The Nanog plant to create Lazarus Pit.”

Wayne looks at Barbara.

Wayne: “Will this be enough to convict him?”

Barbara gives a reluctant expression: “Might be a tough sell.
Oswald can always claim he had a rouge board member with too
much power.”

Dick: “I’ve got you covered.”

Dick manipulates the computer brining up the article “TERRORISTS

Dick: “This happened three weeks after the mining project was
shutdown. Malik’s body was found in the crash”

Wayne: “Cobblepot involved?”

Dick: “I was able to access recordings of the security cameras
before the crash and found the diamond in the rough.”

Dick brings up the footage of Cobblepot and Malik’s conversation
along with the attack just before the crash.

Drake: “Oswald wanted to tie up loose ends. No one to rat him

Barbara: “Where did you get this kind of footage?”

Grayson: “The camera sends a transmission to a satellite before
bouncing it back down to various anti terrorism groups.”

Barbara: “Then why haven’t they come after Cobblepot?”

Grayson: “They never received the transmission. A virus was
planted destroying the footage. I was able to hack the
transmission pre-satellite were the virus was planted.”

Barbara: “They leave nothing to chance.”

Tim turns toward Barbara interrupting their conversation.

Drake: “If we get this footage to your father we can stop all of

Return of the Knight 105

Wayne: “We’ll have to go higher. As deep has Cobblepot has
infiltrated it’ll never see the light of day.”

Barbara sarcastically: “Dick seems to have a handle on the
federal government. Maybe he can take it to the President

Drake: “When we go live with this it may very well start a war.”

Wayne: “I know. That’s why there is something I need to do


The tunnel’s deepest darkest bellows wreak of turmoil and death
as Shadow’s line the walls leading toward a glimmer of light.
Cobblepot follows the path saddled with armed henchmen by his
side. As the light becomes brighter the dark tunnels open into a
large stoned room. Smoke and heat seeping from the bubbling
water of Lazarus Pit located at the room’s center. The two large
spiraling metal columns hum with power as the Pit seems to live
and breathe.


Talia flanked by Bane looks on. A concoction of anger and misery
mask her face.


Cobblepot breathes in the fumes of immortality as he makes his
way toward an elderly Arabian man conformed in tattered clothes.

Elderly man: “It is finished. Immortality awaits you.”

Cobblepot smiles for a moment: “As it does.”

He then turns toward the crowd of on looking henchmen and

Cobblepot: “Does anyone have the courage to wade through the
storms of death so he may taste the power of immortality?”

No reaction falls over the crowd as silence captivates them all.
After a moment an older henchmen lays down his gun, taking off
his vest, exposing scarred flesh.

Return of the Knight 106

Cobblepot: “We have a winner. Bane if you will.”

Bane walks up to the volunteer and without hesitation stabs a
sword through his heart. The man gasps for air as he falls to
the ground where death awaits.

After a moment several Shadows wrap the body in a cloth
material. He is then rolled onto a wooden stretcher. With a man
at the feet and one at the head, the stretcher is lifted and
taken to the Pit’s edge. It fits into a specific area cut out
for its size. The elderly man approaches the body placing his
hands on the head and audibly reciting a prayer in Arabian

Cobblepot looks on with glaring eyes.

The prayer slowly builds and as it reaches the climax the
elderly man pushes the body into the Pit. The room falls silent.
After a moment the bubbling water begins to stir and erupting
with a barbaric scream the man stands out of the water.

Cobblepot’s expression turns to greed and conquest over death.

The barbaric scream subsides. The man’s body no longer bears
scars of war but shines of muscles and youthfulness. He makes it
to the edge of the pit and steps back onto the ground. Cobblepot
walks up the resurrected man.

Cobblepot: “How do you feel?”

The man looks at his strong hands and reinvigorated body.

Cobblepot smiles: “Good”

BANG! Cobblepot’s pistol goes off putting a bullet in the man’s
chest. BANG! He shoots him a second time. The man’s once revived
body is stained with blood as he falls to the floor finding

Cobblepot holsters the gun turning toward the onlookers.

Cobblepot: “He is an example. Immortality is what I offer. In
return prove yourselves worthy and it shall be yours.”


Return of the Knight 107

A private jet sits on the runway as a man dressed in a suit
waits at the bottom step.


Bruce is in the driver’s seat with Alfred in the back seat.

Alfred: “Master Bruce this is borderline kidnapping. I could
have you reported for this nonsense.”

Wayne: “Gotham isn’t safe right now and is about to get a lot
worse. I’m not gonna put you in the middle of it and chance
losing you again.”

Alfred: “Personally like for you to take a bit of your own
advice and come with me. From back here I see how dreadful of a
driver you’ve become.”

Bruce rolls his eyes.

Wayne: “Don’t go diva on me Alfred. You’ve got 8 years worth of
vacation days built up. I’ve set you up on an all inclusive
island where you can play croquet like you use to tell me about.”

Alfred: “As a young lad I was the croquet grand champion three
years in row until some dishy porky robbed me. I’ve never seen
such botchy officiating.”

Wayne smiles letting out a small laugh.

Wayne: “You’re not holding a grudge are you?”

Alfred: “Master Bruce you should have seen the debacle. It was
clear as day when I…”


The car drives up to the plane. Bruce and Alfred exit the car
and walk toward the sharp dressed man.

Wayne: “Agent Faraday, thank you for coming on short notice.”

Faraday: “Not a problem Bruce.”

Faraday looks toward Alfred.

Return of the Knight 108

Faraday: “Mr. Pennyworth, I hope you packed sun tan lotion.”

Alfred: “I just hope you can fly this contraption.”

Faraday smiles: “If you’ll board Mr. Pennyworth we’ll be on our

Alfred turns to Bruce.

Alfred: “This is not good bye you hear me but you were right
about Batman and Gotham. Gotham needs that true symbol of hope
right now and only Batman can give them that. When this is over
Bruce Wayne can be that symbol. You do whatever you have to do
and burn that tyrant to the ground.”

Wayne: “Keep an eye to the sky and look for smoke.”

Alfred picks up his bags and heads up the plane’s steps.

Faraday: “He’ll be safe. Sure you don’t need any help?”

Wayne: “Not with this. It’s something I have to do.”

Faraday: “Fair enough, but when this is over there’s something I
need to discuss with you.”

Wayne looks interested: “And what might that me?”

Faraday smiles and nods toward the city: “Like I said finish
your business here first.”

Faraday turns and walks up the steps closing the plane’s hatch.


Bruce gets back in his car just as a message beeps in over the
speakers “Incoming call from Dick Grayson”. Bruce manipulates a

Wayne: “What do you got?”

Grayson (through the speaker): “You better get back here quick.
Cobblepot has made his move.”

Wayne: “How?”

Return of the Knight 109

Grayson (through the speaker): “Well according to the news
Batman has the Mayor hostage at Oswald Enterprise.”

Bruce’s expression blends that of shock and anger.


Bruce, Tim, Dick, and Barbara huddle around the mainframe’s
screen watching Vikki Vale’s news cast.

Vale: “A nightmare Gotham never saw coming has become a reality.
Reports are coming in confirming Mayor Oswald Cobblepot is being
held hostage by Batman.”

The screen shows footage of Oswald Enterprise with a visible
Cobblepot bound to a chair with Batman, Bane, Talia, armed
henchmen and Shadows surrounding the entire floor.

Vale (continued): The live footage you’re viewing is provided by
a GCP chopper. It appears the Mayor is being held in the Board
Room at Oswald Enterprise. They have identified the second
masked figure to be Bane. He is most notably known from his
violence spreading through Asia. According to Commissioner
Gordon, Bane has been on Gotham’s most wanted list for several
weeks. Police have yet to identify the female or other armed
aliases. At the moment GCP are attempting to make contact with
Batman to understand a motive. Stay tuned as we will continue to
update as this situation unfolds.”

Drake: “This guy does it big.”

Grayson: “Where did they get your suit?”

Wayne: “It’s Hagen.”

Grayson: “Clayface just couldn’t keep his hands to himself.”

Barbara: “This doesn’t add up. He’s backed himself into a corner
with a standoff.”

Wayne: “It’s bait. He wants us to come to him. Get us out in the
open. He chose the Oswald Enterprise building instead of city
hall for a reason.

Drake: “For what?”

Return of the Knight 110

Wayne: “I don’t know. Dick can bring up the White Shadow
Satellite? Set it for thermal and weapon ID signatures. What
kind firearms are the police and SWAT using now?”

Barbara has to stop and think for a moment: “Police have Beretta
90s and SWAT’s got Heckler & Koch MP5A2, but what does that

Wayne: “Each gun type has a particular signature the satellite
can trace. I want to know how many of Cobblepot’s men are in the
area. He’s not putting them all in one corner.”

Dick manipulates controls and a city block radar schematic
appears with hundreds of bodies highlighted in various colors.

Dick: “Blue and green are police and SWAT. Yellow is everyone

Drake: “Looks like cops are on the streets but the three
surrounding buildings are covered in yellow. They have the
building surrounded on all sides. We’ll never get in their
without being seen.”

Barbara: “It’s gonna turn into a shoot out real quick.”

Wayne: “See what buildings those are.”

Dick manipulates the controls: “Gotham Financial at the north,
West is Rico Supplies, and Bass Building at the South. Each one
atleast 104 stories. They’ll have line of sight all day.”

Barbara: “What’s our play?”

Wayne: “Use the height to our advantage. You’ll drop in from
above. The three of you will neutralize three of the surrounding
buildings. I’ll take the Tumbler and enter Oswald Enterprise
from the ground up.”

Drake smiles as if catching onto Bruce’s idea: “Secret access
tunnels leading straight to R&D.”

Barbara concernly chimes in: “You’re going to take on Bane and
Talia alone?”

Wayne: “It’s our only option. They won’t be expecting it giving
us an advantage.”

Return of the Knight 111

Drake: “What about Lazarus Pit? If we can destroy that we
atleast put a damper on their planes.”

Wayne looks at Barbara: “Can you get a message to your father?”

Barbara: “What you need it to say?”

Wayne: “Get the location to the Commissioner to get a demo team
at Swisher’s tunnel. Oswald won’t leave it alone so he’ll need
to be ready.”

Barbara: “You got it.”

Grayson: “Only one thing left to do.”

Wayne: “Suit up.”

Dick manipulates the controls and from the floor rise the
Nightwing, Batman, and Robin suits.

Barbara: “I don’t mean to sound self centered or greedy but can
I have a little more than a cop uniform?”


Bruce opens a metal cabinet revealing spare parts to a prototype
Batsuit. He pulls out a cowl and leather suit minus the cape
handing it to Barbara.
Barbara looks over the large suit with a reluctant expression.

Barbara: “I’m all for hand me downs but I don’t do well with a

Wayne: “Memory leather can customize itself to any size.”

Barbara: “Like a one size fits all?”

Wayne: “Just put it on and press the center button on the belt.”


A dark green glove slides onto a hand. A black leather chest
plate outlined in blue slides into place. A gold utility built
snaps across the waist of a black leather suit. Crimson leather
chest plate with a graphic R turns into the light blanketed by a
black cape. A batarang is loaded into a utility built. A black

Return of the Knight 112

cowl slides over a females face. A black graphic domino mask is
placed on Dick and Tim’s face.


Batwing platform lights up revealing Nightwing, Robin, and

Batman: “Look good.”

Robin: “Happy it still fits.”

Nightwing: “That Robin suit hasn’t always needed elastic.”

Robin: “Where’s the girl?”

Footsteps are heard coming up the platform. The footsteps enter
the light revealing a feminized version of the Batsuit without a

Batman looks her up and down: “Fits good.”

Barbara: “It’ll do.”

Nightwing and Robin impressed at the elegance and attractiveness
Barbara brings out of the suit.

Robin: “We have a Batman so I guess now have a Batgirl? Who
would have ever guessed it?”

Barbara gives Robin an annoyed look: “Barbara will do for now.”

Batman: “Time to load up.”

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