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Submitted to: MS. Monika Surana Ms.

Anshu Toshniwal (Project Coordinators)

2012 2013

Submitted by: Pankaj Singh Bhadauriya (EC/09/46) Rahul Agarwal (EC/09/108) Pradeep Rathore (EC/09/45) IV Year, EC – B

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering POORNIMA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING

 Project Selection  Propeller Clock : An Introduction  Basic Principle  Block Diagram  Circuit Diagram  Component List  Power Supply  Motor Diagram  Final Looking  Circuit Working  Advantages & Applications .

. we have submitted thee synopsis as: 1. Electronic Code Lock with User Defined Password 2.PROJECT SELECTION : After doing a lot of search work and survey. Automatic Bidirectional Visitor Counter 3. Propeller Clock Then according to the guidance of project coordinators and our interest we chose the “PROPELLER CLOCK” as our minor project.

 That‟s why this project is named as “PROPELLER CLOCK”. As this project needs to rotate whole circuit assembly. .  This project using bright light emitting diodes for displaying the analog clock on its assembly. there must be some prime mover attached to it. So. the term „Propeller‟.WHAT IS PROPELLER CLOCK ???  Propeller is a term associated with a circular rotating object.

 So.  The best example of this property is the red circle we observe when we rotate the firecracker or incense stick in circle.BASIC PRINCIPLE : Basic principle behind this project: POV (Persistence Of Vision):  This is the phenomenon which is related to vision capability of human eye by which an after. if someone is observing the images at a rate of 25 images per second. then they appear to be continuous. .image is thought to persist for approximately 1/25th of a second.

we get the impression that the lights are on all together and we can read the display. our aim is to use PIC 16F84 microcontroller to control a row of LEDs to display some images and function it as a clock. .  Due to the slow response of the human eye.INTRODUCTION :  In this project.  A limited number of LEDs are placed in a row and attached to a rotating board.

 Several sensors including infrared proximity sensors are used to detect the completion of one revolution.  All we can see are the lighted dots from the LEDs making a readable display that seems to float..CONTD .  This gives the impression that there are several LEDs making up a complete display.. . :  The LEDs are turned on and off at very precise times and places..

BLOCK DIAGRAM : Beam Interrupt In each revolution IR Sensor Micro controller LED Display DC Regulated power supply DC motor .


11.6k Capacitor . 6. 1000uf QUANTITY 1 1 8 1 9 2 1 4 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 . 10. 8. 100 ohm Resistor. 5. 9.0592 MHz Photo Diode ON – OFF Switch Battery. 2. 7. 4. 10k. 10uf/63V Battery.COMPONENTS LIST :S. 7805 Capacitor. 12V Rectifier IC. 1.NO. 12. 3. 13. 5V Crystal Oscillator. 14. 15. 3. COMPONENT NAME PIC 16F84 Transformer LED IR LED Resistor. 11.




In every description of the block respective schematics and working is explained. The propeller display consists of following blocks.CIRCUIT WORKING : In this section we will emphasize on detailed overview of each of the block shown in previous block diagram. as shown in the block diagram.  Interrupter Module  Microcontroller  LED module .

: Interrupter Module :  MOC7811 is the sensing part of the interrupter module.  3 wires emerge out from the module.CONTD.. Signal and Ground. Output of the module is LOW..  It consists of IR LED and Photodiode mounted facing each other enclosed in plastic body. respectively Vcc.. otherwise it remains HIGH. if interrupt occurs. while rest of the circuitry works as signal conditioning circuit.  This sensor is used to give position feedback. .

.. This task is achieved using circular rotation of the whole circuit assembly. .CONTD. we used a DC motor as the prime mover. So.. : Microcontroller : Requirements: -> Moderate speed -> Ports required : 2 -> Small Sized -> Code memory > 1kB Component Selected: PIC 16F84 DC Motor :  Repeated scanning of the display is must for continuous vision.

as well as the DC motor. DC Power Supply :  For microcontroller. with a series current limiting resistor of 100 ohm..  These LEDs are connected with each of the port pin of microcontroller. . We have to provide +5V to the microcontroller... a regulated DC power supply is required.CONTD. while +12V to the motor. : LED Module :  LED module consisting of 8 bright LEDs are fixed in another side of the arm of our project.

this was a brief introduction and basic functioning phenomenon of our project. from that you will be familiar with our project… . Now we are going to show you a video.ADVANTAGES & APPLICATIONS :  It can be used to replace various public LCD screens thereby providing a cheaper solution.  It can also be used as a stopwatch. So. which was named as “PROPELLER CLOCK”.