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UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 1-800-4-FED-AID (1-800-433-3243 or TTY: 1-800-730-8913) We Help Put America Through School OMB No www Pesan Draft 7/09/2004 000117C041 (CHRISTOPHER E. STUDENT 1284 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP@RSTUV WXYZABCDE June 27, 2005 ABCDEFGHUKLMNOPQ, MD 12345 EFC: 00000* C Dear CHRISTOPHER E, STUDENT, Thank you for submitting your information for federal student aid to the U.S. Department of Education. This is your Student Aid Report (SAR) Information Acknowledgement for the 2005-2006 award year. Keep @ copy of this SAR Information Acknowledgement for your records. We have processed your application for federal student aid or the correction that you submitted electronically through your schoo! or on the Web. On the back of ths page we printed the information we received and a summary of the results of processing that information. We may have assumed certain information to calculate your eligibility for federai student aid. We printed any assumptions we made and the word "assumed for the items on the back of this page. You can make corrections by going to ‘www and using your PIN or by contacting your Financial Aid Administrator (FAA) if: - the assumptions we made are not correct, - you need to make other corrections, oF - we indicate below that more information is needed to determine your eligibility. Contact your FAA if: - we indicate below you are selected for verification, or = we indicate below you must work with your FAA to resolve some eligibility issues. Based on the information you gave us, you are not eligible for a Federal Pell Grant, However, you may be eligible for other types of ai. Your application has been selected for a review in a process called verification. Your school has the ‘authority to request copies of certain financial documents from you. DRN: 2401 ‘999999C999 PAGE 1 OF 2 123-45-6789 ST 01 This section contains information from your student aid application (shaded to make corrections, see the financial aid administrator at your school. 1s display parents’ information, if provided. If you need TAM ROT RLF 33. PARENTS DECEASED OR ARD_OF COURT 2. FIRST MAME ‘ABCOEFI 5s, VETERAN OF U,5._ ARMED FORCES? {BLAME 5 AIDOLE INE FTAL * aa a ‘4: PERMANENT STREET ADORESS| 12345 ABCDEFGHT IKLRVOPORSTINPOZABC eoecess ‘gee 5. cry ‘ASCOEFGH.RLOPO a 6: STATE ABBREVIATION ro 7e_1P COO as i SOCIAL SECURITY WOE 123-0557 eS ies 9. DATE OF BIRTH IARUARY 01,1961 - ee 10. PERWANENT HONE PONE WONER 13991999-3999. ceuaanaanaae rane TI, DRIVER'S LICENSE WHER 12. DRIVER'S LICENSE STATE AESREVIATTON 'ST_E-AAIL[OWRISTOPHER. .STUDENTOUNI VIO. TH TATU 15._ALIEN REGISTRATION WONDER 162MARITAL STATUS. = [1PSOATE OF MARITAL €TAVIE—————~ 18, STATE OF LEGAL RESIDENCE ABBREVIATION 19: LEGAL RESIDENT-BEFORE JAMUARY 1, 20007 '20