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O.T.H. Enter. v Vasquez

O.T.H. Enter. v Vasquez

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Published by: propertyintangible on Oct 21, 2012
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[Docket # 41, pp.37-100];

4) A copy of selected excerpts from Petitioner’s

[a]dmissions to Registrant’s Third Set of Requests for

Admissions [Docket # 39, Attachment A];

5) Newspaper Article from Ultima Hora, dated July

31, 2009 [Docket # 39, Attachment B];

6) Excerpts of the Discovery Deposition of

Registrant Federico Estevan Vasquez [Docket # 39,

Attachment C];

7) (a) Copy of Mexican Trademark Registration No.

533577 [Docket # 39, Attachment D];

(b) Copy of Mexican Trademark Registration No.

320663 [Docket # 39, Attachment E]; and

8) Certified copy of an April 29, 1992

Administrative ruling issued by Instituto Mexicano de la

Cancellation No. 92050569


Propiedad Industrial (IMPI), a government agency in Mexico,

regarding “commission of action that may constitute an

offense set forth by Article 211 Section IV of the Laws of

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