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O.T.H. Enter. v Vasquez

O.T.H. Enter. v Vasquez

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Published by: propertyintangible on Oct 21, 2012
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In combination with the filing of its trial brief,

petitioner submitted a document entitled “Petitioner’s

Objections to Registrant’s Evidence,” pursuant to TMBP §

901.03, which objects to the following evidence submitted

via registrant’s Notice of Reliance:

1) Attachment B: Copy of an article entitled "Today

is the great anniversary bash at Exponex," from the

publication, Ultima Hora, dated July 21, 2009;

2) Attachment C: Copy of excerpts of Federico

Estevan Vasquez’ discovery deposition;

3) Attachment D: Copy of Mexican Trademark

Registration No. 533577;

4) Attachment E: Copy of Mexican Trademark

Registration No. 320663; and


The IMPI proceeding concerned an action for trademark
infringement of the Mexican trademark PEGASSO (Registration No.
320663) brought by registrant against former band members of
Grupo Pegasso Miguel Quiroz, Javier Ramirez, Jose Santos
Rodriguez, Marco Vinicio Gomex, Emilo Reyna Villarreal, Juventino
Espinosa, Reynaldo Flores and Enrique Santos.

Cancellation No. 92050569


5) Attachment F: Certified copy of an April 29, 1992

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