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U.S. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION FEDERAL STUDENT AID START HERE. GO FURTHER, STUDENT AID REPORT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT WWW.FAFSA.ED.GOV 1-800-4-FED-AID ( TTY: 1-800-730-8913) (OMB No, 1845-0008 APRIL 17, 2008 DATA RELEASE NUMBER (DRN): 9999 EXPECTED FAMILY CONTRIBUTION (EFC); 0250 0001170041 EDFA Fe} pe CHRISTOPHER E. STUDENT 1284 ABCDEFGHUKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZABCDE ABCDEFGHUKLMNOPQ, MD 12345 DRAFT 7/19/2007 Dear CHRISTOPHER E, STUDENT, Your Student Aid Report (SAR) Acknowledgement summarizes the information you submitted on your 2008 - 2009 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Application Status (review the checked boxes) & Your FAFSA appears to be complete, Review the data on the back of this page, We may have assurned certain information to calculate your eligibilly for federal student ald. We printed any assumptions we made ‘and the word "assumed for the items on the back of this page. If you need fo make corrections, you can go to and use your Federal Student Aid PIN to ciccess your information ot you can contact the financial cid office at one of the schools you listed on your application for assistance. The schools) sted ‘on your FAFSA will receive your information. Federal Student Aid Eligibility (review the checked boxes) The data submitted on your FAFSA Is used to calculate your Expected Family Contrioution (EFC), which is 02500. The EFC is not the amount of money that your family must provide. Rather, you should think of the EFC as an index that colleges use to determine how much financial aid you would receive if you were to attend theit school. Financial aid may include grants, loans, and/or work-study, This award information will vary from college to college because the cost of attending each is different, Please note that your EFC is subject to change If you update or correct your FAFSA. (Based on your EFC il appeais that you may be eligible for a Federal Pell Grant. You may also be eligible for other Federal grants, low-interest student loans, and work-study opportunities. You should keep this SAR Acknowledgement for your records! ‘999999¢999 PAGE 1 OF2 123-45-6789STO1 This section contains information from your student aid application (shaded Items display parents’ information, f provided), If you need to make corrections, visit wwwwutatsaedaov or contact the financial ad office at your calles (ase nate ADELE AREA 2. FIRST MAME aBoDEreAI RL 2 MIDDLE INITIAL rn [ ‘4. PERMMMENT STREET ADDRESS] IAS ABCERGH RUMOPORSTONERTAaG —| [59 YOUR FATHE en ABCOEFOHT LO 6. STATE ABSREVTATION rm 7 CaO 1205 SOCIAL SECURITY MNBE 12-15-47 9. ATE OF BIRTH “nA @1, 96 10. PERANENT HONE pupa Mae Tigaay999-9999 11. DRIVER'S LICENSE MUMBER Hc24-456-785-010 90 2;_DRIVER'S-LICENSE-STATE ABBREVIATION —[ a8 a3<”ST_€-WATL | CHRISTOPHER. Es TUDENT ANI Vi CAMPUS, COLLGPRE, EAT fag. cotuzensixe status Tet, nowcir. assump) —| [as aLten aEGLsteATiON aE, nn23sssre9 fags mantra sraTus MARRIED ASSURED [inputs of waeata stat SAMAR 1993 [a= STATE OF LEGAL RESIDENGE ABBREVIATION | AB — [2 ane You MALE or FEMALE? 2a. REGISTER YOU_EOR SEL ECIIVE SERUIGED 23." TVPE_OF DEGREE/CERTIFICATE 26, GRADE LEVEL 1h COLLEGE tw 2000-2000, 25. (ROLLHENT STATUS IN 2008-2009 [rune 26:"WeAT_STUDERT_AID TYPES INTEREST YOO? | ORK=STUDY_ 27, WIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA Ot EQUIVALERT? [HS DIPLOM 28, FIRST BAOIELOR'S DEGREE BY 7-1-20087 29. FATHER'S COUCATIONAL-LEVEL caLLEGE 5 EDUCATIONAL_LEVEL COLLEGE 31, Onde CONVICTION AFFECTING ELTGTOTLTT] eL1G18LE FOR ID 32:-FILED 2007 TRS TREOWE TAY RETURN [WIUL FILE 33._1¥Pe OF 2007_TOX Form USED U.S. HOST TERITORT [4. FLIGIBLE To FILE-A 10%04 of TONGET? i as 35. ANSTED GROSS INCOME FROM TRS FORA | $(=1R5 150_AESIRED) = MNSER OF FAMILY RERBERS TH 2008-2009 36. U.S. THCENE TAX PATD (iz, 345 ASSUMED) (WER TW COLLEGE TH 7008-2009 37. EX@TTONS CLATHED a STUDENT RECEIVED S517 es 8. STUDENT'S TNCOWE EARNED PRON RoR ——['$ a3, ae ASSET RECEIVED F000 STAs? ves a9. SPOUSE'S INCOME EawweD FRon work T'S (aga,ase assunen) | | 94. RECEIVED FREE/REDOCED PRICE LUNCH ——~ [ves 40 WONT FRON FAFA WORKSHEET X se THECETVED TaN? ves ANON FROM FAFSA HORKSHEET 8 s RECEIVED WIC? 42. aMOWNTFROK_FAFSA NORESHEET-C $e ST FIRST COLLEGE Want — | 125056 TaWOLE56revOTPUSCTOVOTEIISE 3. CASH, SAVINGS, 490 CHECKIN $123,456 FURST HOUSING_PLAKS WITH PARENT WET WORTH OF THVESTHENTS $123,456 2 SEOOD COLLEGE RAME|- 1234567490 2ECTEVOLINSOTOROTIE 5NET WORTH OF BUSINESS /THVESTHERT FARES § 133.456 SECOND HOUSING PLAS [WITH PARENT 9H WHY WONTHS RECEIVE Vk BENEFTTSY [09 8 THERD-COLLEGE Rane —|-12345670901250567EDOLZUISUTEDOTINNSE [RT=_WOWTHLY VA EOUCATTON BENEFIYS AHOUNT—[-$ ——TT-23¥-SSORED *THIRD-ROUSING-PLANS|-WET PARENT Bow BEFORE 1-1-19057 NES ASSET FOURTH COLLEGE WNE|1294567890129%507@ROLaISOTODOIISIES 5. WORKING OF HASTER'S OF DOCTORATE A FOURTH ROUSING PLANS | WITH PARENT 50. AME YOU MARRIED? VES ASSUREDT DATE CORPLETED FIa ECL 51. HAVE GHTLDREN YOU SUPPORT 70. SD STioeNT 52. DEPENDENTS. OTHER THAN CATLOREW/SPOURE?| 9 5 PREPARER'S-SOCTALSECURETY WORE | Roar eo 59. PARENTS OECEASED_OR WIRD OF COURT? —— | ¥0 —PREPARER'S_ETH iePORTED OW ACTIVE OUTY-TH-U-S. ARNED FORCES? [WO PREPARERS TONATORE SIGNED 25._VETERIM OF U5. MBWED FORCES? m0 PARENT'S E-NAIL ADDRESS: _CLISTOPHER.E- STUDENTS. NOTHEREHONE, COMCAST. COM Your FAFSA information was sent to all colleges you listed although they are not all shown here. To see all of the colleges you listed go to www.fafsaedgov and solect "View and Print Your Student Ald Report For Financial Aid Office Use Only Xx Expected Family Contribution: Primary 00000 dency Status: x x ‘Secondary 00000 dency Override x SAR C Flag y ‘Automatic Zero EFC Flag x x ‘Application Recsipt Osta: mmvaélecry Forma Type x Pell lige Flag: x Transaction Process Oats: mmv/dé/cow Simplified Needs Test Flag: x Duplicate SSN Flag: x ‘Transaction Receipt Date: _mnvadiecyy Professional Judgment x SSN Match Fl x ‘Selective Service Registration Flag: X Selective Service Match =X DHS Match Flag x DHS Verification #: 9999999999999 SSA Ciizonshi Code x DHS See. Cont. Fag x VA Match Flag: x FSSN Maton Flag x NSLDS Match Fig: x NSLOS Results Fog: x MSSN Mateh Flag: x NSLDS Transaction Number: x Reject Codelsh 01 02 03 04 05 08 O7 Comment Codes: 001 002 003 004 005 008 007 008 009 010 O11 012 013 014 O15 016 017 018 019 020 999999¢999 PAGE 2 OF 2 123-45-6789STO1