Our Favorite Stories

October 20, 2012

What is you favorite story?
This week we introduced the class to our theme of the year- Stories! Throughout the year we will be discussing about all kinds of Jewish Stories such as stories from the Torah as well as Jewish folk and fairytales, and more! We started our discussion about what a story is which lead us into talking about our favorite stories. As we shared our favorite stories, each child told us their favorite part and why. Through this discussion we figured out that some of our favorite stories come from books, plays, TV shows, songs, playing with our toys, and our daily or past experiences. After everyone shared, we closed our eyes and used our imagination to picture our favorite parts. Then, we painted them with watercolors!

Our favorite stories are:
Bella- Max and Ruby- They’re my brother’s favorite story too. It started in a book and it landed in a TV, like an airplane would. Theo- Jake and Neverland and Toy Story. Max-The Three Little Pigs-I like when the wolf blows the pigs away. Ali- Pinkalicious- She ate too much pink stuff and she turned pink! Ellie- The Rhyming Dust Bunnies- In the end they get zipped by a vacuum cleaner. Zoe- The Three Little Pigs-The wolf comes down the chimney and burns himself. Shayna- Stories about my school that I make up.

Such a Busy Day
After painting, both kindergarten classes joined together in Classroom 6 to sing with Paul. We learned two new songs this week: Not By Might, and Hava Nagila. The children enjoyed learning the circle dance for Hava Nagina, laughing their way through the song as they squished up very tightly in the middle of the circle! We also sang a new kindergarten favorite, Paul’s first track from his CD about his son Ezra. Everyone giggled as Paul sang, “I wouldn’t change anything about ya, but your diaper.” After music we had Allison, our drama cycle teacher, join us to teach us about acting. We learned how to speak like an actor, move our faces in silly ways, and how to transform our bodies into different animals. We played a game where we started as very still rocks on the ground which then turned into snakes, tigers, butterflies, and chickens. To end our busy second week, we celebrated a peaceful Shabbat with warm candle light, sweet grape juice, and fresh challah as we read The Seventh Day, by Deborah Bodin Cohen.

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