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LESSON # 4 – It’s a Party

Lesson Focus: The Lord’s Supper is a Celebration Bible Story: The Believers Celebrate and Share Life Together Memory verse: (NLT) 1 Corinthians 11:26

1 Corinthians 11:26

New Living Translation (NLT)

For every time you eat this bread and drink this cup, you are announcing the Lord’s death until he comes again.

Note to Leaders When we participate in the Lord’s Supper we join a celebration that has been happening for two thousand years all around the world. Ever since Jesus’ death and resurrection, the church has gathered to tell the story and break bread together. The Lord’s Supper is a party that neer ends? It’s a party that will keep going until Jeus comes again. In today’s Bible story, we read about the early church. We learn how they celebrated and shared life with each other. They prayed, studied, worshiped and ate together. Their lives were full of generosity, joy and gladness. For the large group lesson, we will present the story and the lesson focus. For the small group time the following week, throw a party for your group. Celebrate jesus with music, singin, games and food. Here are some party ideas to create your celebration. Get em Going Activity choices 1. 2. Read the Bible story out loud to the group. Invite some children to act out the story as you read it the second time. Provide a variety of costumes and props for the actors to use. Show pictures of different communion services from around the world or pictures of people from around the world. Sy” All over the world, people who believ in Jesus get together to share a meal and have a party Play a Memory Verse game. Divide the children into two teams. Ask the teams stand in two lines. Pleace a Bible, felt marker, tape and several index cards at the front of each line. When you say, :G instruct the teams to locate 1 Corinthians 11:23-26 in the Bible. The first child in line must write one word of the passage on an index card, run to the other side of the room, tape the card to a wall or chalkboard and run back to the team. The next child in line then takes a turn until the verses are complete. The first team to write out the entire passage wins. Play a game show, choosing one child to be the contestant. . The contestant must choos the correct answer from four possible choices. Use material from the stories, and the memory verses for the questions.



Get Em Hearing Activity choices




4. 5.

How do you celebrate your birthday each year? Who is usually on your iniation list? What kind of food do you eat? What games do you play? Tell us about the best party you have ever attended. If you ere going to have a party for Jesus, what would it be like? The bible tells us that there is a big party in heaven for Jesus. Imagine you are iin heaven. What dounds do you hear? Is there music playing? What kind of music is it? Who do you see around you? Imagine that you are walking up to Jesus on his throne. What does his throne look like? what is the expression on his face? What are you saying to him? today we heard the story of how the early church celebrated and shared life together. What are soe of the things they did toether? Remind children that they studied, prayed, ate, did miracles, shared their belongings, praised God, welcomed new believers, ad had glad hearts. Consider how our church life is similar to the early church.. in what ways is it different. Finish the sentence – Communion is……

Get Em Thinking Activity choices 1. After you read today’s Bible story, give the children samples of different breads from around the world. Try to include leavened and lunleavened bread and matza. Say: “The Lord’s supper is a party! Ever since Jeus lived on earth, his followers have come together to eat bread and praise God. Christians around the world celebrate the Lord’s Supper. In each country, they eat different types ofbread, but they all worship the same Jesus!” Set up four stations with different types of junk food at each. These may be arranged according to the four food groups, suc as mile chocolate in the mild and dairy area, potato chips in the fruit and vegetable area, pretzels in the grain area, and cheese sticks in the protein area. Say” We are eating this food together and having a party. When people share bread and juice at the Lord’s supper, they celebrate too. They celebrate the fact that Jesus made a way for people to have a new and wonderful life. They rejoice over the good news that Jesus will come back to earth one day to rule forever. Read Revelation 11:15-17 together. Prepare yeast dough ahead or use frozen dough from the grocery store. Make pretzels dividing the dough amongst the children. Say: “This bread reminds me of the bread that people eat at the Lord’s Supper.”



Get Em Living. Activity Choices 1. 2. 3. 4. Decorate your room with the kids – using streamers and ballons In a prominent place, set up an empty seat of honor for Jesus. This signifies that we celebrate that He is present with us while we are waiting for Him to return Sing worship music with the hildren. Make musical instruments to use in worship, such as toilet paper shakers or paper plate tambourines