October 22, 2012 Dear Reader: Today, The Globe and Mail launches Globe Unlimited – a new subscription product

providing unlimited access to globeandmail.com and Globe and Mail apps, including new subscriber-only features and tools. There is no additional cost for Globe Unlimited for those who have a five- or six-day home delivery newspaper subscription. For those with partial week subscriptions, including Friday/Saturday and Saturday only, we are offering Globe Unlimited for a substantial discount at $4.99 per month. For those who prefer to read online only, we are offering a trial subscription to Globe Unlimited for 99¢ for the first month, after which the cost will be $19.99 per month. Casual visitors to globeandmail.com will still have access to 10 free items each month (including articles, videos, slide shows and other features), after which they will need to subscribe to Globe Unlimited to see more.. The Globe homepage, section fronts, videos, stock quotes and Letters to the Editor will all remain free and accessible to the public, and will not count toward the monthly limit. Here’s what you can expect from Globe Unlimited:  Unlimited access to Globe content, seamlessly across all platforms and devices;  Beta version of Dashboard, a new personalization tool that allows you to create customized news feeds, save articles and more – from breaking news, to specific companies and stocks;  Exclusive subscriber-only content including: Streetwise, providing up-to-the-minute developments and news from the financial markets; and ROB Insight, an early morning jump on the business stories of the day;  Other new subscriber-only features and tools that will be introduced over time. We know The Globe provides valuable content regardless of the platform on which it is presented, and our readers demand constant improvement and quality content. That requires investment, and charging for digital access will help us continue to invest in these areas. To find out more about Globe Unlimited or to become a subscriber, please visit globeandmail.com/aboutunlimited where you’ll find answers to common questions, video tutorials and a brief registration process, or follow us on Twitter @globeunlimited. As the largest newspaper site in Canada, more people are reading The Globe and Mail than ever before. Whether you enjoy it in print, online or on different devices, we thank you for reading The Globe and Mail. Yours truly,

Phillip Crawley Publisher & CEO