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Information Acknowledgement 1998-99 Student Aid Report (SAR) Federal Student Aid Programs 99-99-9999 ‘AB 99 PIN: 9999 Do not use this form to make corrections See your Financial Aid Administrator. te a 000117c041, March 17, 1998 ABCDEFGHI J. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP EFC: 00979%¢ 1234 ABCDEFGHIIKLMNOPORSTUV ABCDEFGHISKLHNOPQ, AB 12345 BA DEG REC'D We have processed the electronic Application for Federal Student Aid, Renewal Application for Federal Student Aid, or correction that you submitted through your school. On the back of this page we have printed the information we received and a summary of the results of processing that information. You should review this information and contact your Financial Aid Administrator (FAA) 1f any corrections need to be made. Based on the information you provided, we may have assumed certain information to calculate your eligibility for Federal student aid. We printed the assumption we made and the word "assumed" for those items on the back of this page. If these assumptions are not correct, contact your FAA to make the necessary corrections. We have applied a formula to the information from the form you submitted. The result of this formula will be used by your school to determine your eligibility for most types of Federal student aid. See your FAA to determine what types of student aid you may be able to receive. Based on the information you gave us, you are not eligible for a Federal Pell Grant. Your application has been selected for review in a process called verification. You must submit to your school signed copies of certain 1996 financial documents. Contact your FAA to find out which documents are required. You must contact your FAA to determine if you meet all of the eligibility requirements to receive Federal financial aid. FL 123-45-6789 ST 01 ‘This section contains information from your student sid application (shaded itoms dieplay parents! information, if provided. i you need to make corrections, Your financlal aid. sminstator. TO ae coer RL 2 Fes ‘ancoerei 3 MOOK TATTTAL rn “PERNT STR Fe. Te Sony. ABE Fa LG ANAL aaRETEATIO a 3 HP ee aa [8 Socal seam Mc 1-5-4 S-Dave oF MGA 1,19 o98) 995-9995, TI. STATE OF LEGAL RESIDENCE ABGREVIATTON]— AB 2: DATE VOU BECAME A LEGAL RESIDENT aR 9 [Sr oanveR's Crease MAME e34-156- 70 EST Te, DRIVER'S-LICENEE STATE ABGREVEATTON | — An TTA LISLE WORE $6. ALTON REGISTRATION ER S7_NARITAL STATUS 39. FIRST SACHELOR'S DEGREE BY 7-I-19987 [St Eamue euesrtem:Cevet | 25:-EeOLLMEAT STATUS SU8ER TEL 998 3s FALL SOWGTR 1998 25. EWROLLAENT-STATUS MINTER GTR 1998-99. USES. 1. Eerout eT _STATUS Set TER I999 24, COURSE OF THO” [shee or oncnee cemrreresre ————| “HS eupe LEVEL Twente IW 1998-99 32. INTEREST 14 STu0eNT_BeLOMMENTT 33CTHTERESTED STUDENT LOuRsT 234, INTERESTED IN PARENT LOANS 25. ATTEWING SANE COLLEGE DH IS9EIIT 36. pOMTHLY YA REREFITS. OUT WOMTHSREGEIVE VA ner me Sb: BOM BEFORE 1-1-757 39. VETERAN OF U5. ARMED FORCEET 40 EAROLLED TH GRADUATE PROGRAN 998-997 1s ARE. YOU AARRTEDT [2S cert on MARD OF COURT “Se RAER OF PONILY NENBERS 18199895 Ie GETS TOE on SOURS THCORE EARIED FEOH MORK AL SET NER URTAKEO TED 1997 DAO FR LINE 5, WORESRET BUSINESS DENT VESTA EAB TRVESTHENT FA OER ST COLLEGE MAME FIRST MOUSING STATUE THIRD COLLEGE GAME, ror eo 9,56 DT (ig3.456 ASME (12,305 ASSUME) 12: 345 ASSURED wR (12,345 ASsuMED) cam CASH, SAVINGS, NO OHEOKTHG 101294567690123456790173456 7890123456, TH. PARENT 1429456789012 30SETEIOLTSLTOSOLIIIGE 01956749012 9055 TAWOTESISCTOSUTESISE “5. OBER TN COLLEGE IH 1998-99 ETF MOUS MG STATUS | METH PARENT) SETH enue wae | 012345 1690123050Ta9OLzIsOTOIOLEISE "SPAT ROUSING STATUS | WITH PARENTS ‘SHOULD DATA'BE RELEASED To STATET aa REGISTER YOU FOR SELECTIVE SERVICE? | (BLAME) SIGHED #7 ‘STuOEAT 51, TYPE OF 1997 TAK FOWt USED COMPLETED 10407E7 GATE COMPLETED AMOUR 6,558 32 EXDTIONS. CLAIMED 5 PREPARERs EL aePonTeD ABST. Faas Pom _[ S109, a8 SSE PREPARER'S_S0CTAL REPORTED 3s: US. TMCOME TAK PATD S—(12,bs assoc) | PREPARER"S S1OUATIRE a Processing Results Record Type: x Expected Family Contribution Primiry 00000 Dependency Status Modet x Verification Selection Type: XX ‘Secondary 00000 Dependency Override: x Apolication Receipt Date: mnvddlecry Automatic Zero EFC Flag x Duplicate Request Indicator: X Transaction Process Date: mm/ddlecyy Formula Type: x Hold Code: x Transaction Receipt Date: mm/dd/coyy Simplified Noods Test Flag: x ‘Subsequent Application Flag: X ‘System Generated Indicstor: X FAA EFC Adjustmant x Pll Eigible Flag: x Pll Digit x SSN Match Flag: x Selective Service Registration Flag: xX Selective Service Match: X INS Match Flag: X INS Verification #: 9999999999999 ‘SSA Citizenship Code: X NSLOS Match Flag X INSLOS Results Flog: X NSLOS Transaction Number: 99 Reject Codelst 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 Comment Codes: 001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 003 010 F2 o00117¢041 OME No. ves0-0798 1998-99 Student Aid Report (SAR) = Ler isr Federal Student Aid Programs eon Part 1 - Information Summary LA-01 DRN: 2088 IMPORTANT: Read ALL information in Part 1 to find out what to do with this Report 000,003c002 January 13, 1998 IN RED LADY BFC: 00000 C EDIT 4058 NO X VA 20904 Read this letter carefully and review each item on Part 2 of*this Student Aid Report (sak). Follow the instructions at the top of Part 2 and in the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) instruction booklet to help you make corrections. If all the information on your SAR is corréct, you do not need to return it to the Federal Student Aid Programs. For additional help with your SAR, contact your Financial Aid Administrator (FAA) or the Federal Student Aid Information Center at 1-800-4FED-AID (1-800-433-3243) . If all the information on this SAR is correct, you may be eligible to receive a Federal Pell Grant and other Federal student aid in 1998-99. Your FAA will determine whether you meet all eligibility requirements to receive aid. The amount of aid will depend on the cost of attendance at your school, your enroliment status (full-time, three-quarter-time, half-time, or less than half-time), Congressional budget restric- tions, and other factors. HERE IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO NOW: Review the information on Part 2. If any of the information is incorrect, follow the instructions at the top of Part 2 to make correc- tions. IF ALL THE INFORMATION IS CORRECT, you do not need to submit the SAR to the schools you listed. All of your schools will receivesthe information electronically. Based on the information you provided on your application, we had to assume certain information to calculate your eligibility for Federal student aid. We printed the assumption we made and the word "assumed" in the "You told us" column for each of these items. If-these assumptions are correct, do not change them. Be sure to review the items in boldface type on Part 2 of your SAR and make any corrections if necessary. It appears you reported the same income value more than once. Review the income items in boldface type on Part 2 of your SAR. If these items are correct, do not change then. To resolve your Perkins overpayment, call the U.S. Department of Education at 1-800- 621-3115, or write to the U-S. Department of Education, Atlanta Service Center, 61 Forsyth Street, Room 19789, Atlanta, Georgia 30303. FS R4EDAOO0003 PAGE 1 OF 7 225-40-5912 LA 014