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A Guide to 1998-99 SARs and ISIRs

ISIR FAA Information “Transaction Type” identifies the source of the transac-
FAA Information on the ISIR is formatted a bit differ-
ently from the SAR. In the section titled Office Informa- 0 Electronic original application
tion, the following information appears: 1 Paper application
2 Electronic correction
3 Electronic duplicate Request
4 Paper correction
OFFICE INFORMATION 5 Electronic renewal application
Formula Type
Processed Date
The “Formula Type” code tells an FAA which formula
Application Source was used to calculate the EFC.
Transaction Type
Institution Number
Reject Override Codes 1 Full needs test: dependent
Assumption Override Codes 2 Full needs test: independent w/o
The student’s DRN will appear in this section only for a 3 Full needs test: independent with
transaction type of “0” or “5,” when the school receiving dependents
the ISIR also entered the student’s application or re- 4 SNT: dependent
newal application data. The DRN will not appear on an 5 SNT: independent w/o dependents
ISIR in other situations. The Formula Type is not printed 6 SNT: independent with dependents
on the SAR but does appear on the SAR Information
Acknowledgement since the SAR Information The Institution Number verifies the identity of the origi-
Acknowledgement is the paper output from an electronic nating institution. Reject and Assumption Override
transaction. Other codes in this section correspond to Codes appear because the EDExpress software allows
SAR data, e.g., application source corresponds to an FAA to override certain rejects that are designated as
“Agency Source” on the SAR. “verifiable” rejects. It also allows an FAA to override

ISIR FAA Information

FAA INFORMATION Early Analysis Flag
Date ISIR Received Rejects Met:
Verification Type Verification Flag
System Generated Indicator Dependency Override
FAA Adjustment Flag Duplicate Request
Date Application Received Correction # Applied to
Reprocessing Code Transaction Receipt Date

Pell Paid EFC Pell Elig Flag
Intermediate Values (next page)

Auto Zero Flag Subsequent App Flag
SNT Flag

INS Verification Number SS Registration Flag
NSLDS Transaction Number NSLDS Results Flag


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