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Scholarships 08

Scholarships 08

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Published by: Koa Lee on Oct 21, 2012
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Scholarship Opportunities 2008

Organization Scholarship Eligibility • Enrolled member or US federally-recognized American Indian Tribe or Alaska Native Group or possess ¼ Indian blood • Financial need • Full-time enrolled in masters or doctorate program • Students of minority background including African American, American Indian, Native Hawaiian, Alaska Native, Hispanic/Latino • Current 1st or 2nd year medical student • Nomination process • Current 3rd year student ready to enter 4th year • Based on academic achievement and financial need $10,000 Amount Application Deadline Application http://www.aigcs.org/sc holarships/AIGC%20Fel lowship%20Program.pd f or call Toll Free 1-800628-1920

American Indian Graduate Center (AIGC)

AIGC Fellowship Program

Based on unmet need

June 2nd

American Medical Association

Foundation Minority Scholars Award


Application Available: February Nomination Due: Apr. 15th

http://www.amassn.org/ama/pub/categor y/14772.html

American Medical Association

Physicians of Tomorrow Scholarship

Application Available: February Nomination Due: May 20th

http://www.amaassn.org/ama/pub/catego ry/14772.html

American Medical Association

Foundation Scholars Fund

• Based on academic excellence and financial need

Minimum $1,000

Deadline to submit recipients: July 1st

http://www.amaassn.org/ama/pub/catego ry/14772.html

American Medical Association

Arthur N. Wilson, MD, Scholarship

• Medical student • Southeast Alaskan native $5,000

Application Available: February Nomination Due: June 16th

http://www.amaassn.org/ama/pub/catego ry/14772.html

• Entering 3rd year medical student Association of American Medical Colleges Herbert W. Nickens Medical Student Scholarship • Nomination Process • demonstrated leadership efforts in addressing educational, societal, and health care needs of U.S. minorities • Minority medical student American Psychiatric Association Minority Medical Student Fellowship in HIV Psychiatry • Interests in services related to HIV/AIDS and substance abuse and its relationship to psychological wellbeing of ethnic minorities • ¼ or more degree American Indian AND an enrolled member of a U.S. tribe Catching the Dream Inc. MESBEC • Full-time medical student • Students required to apply for other sources of funding • Chinese decent Scholarship Program • Medical or dental student Varies March 31st http://www.camsociety. org/programs.htm $500-5,000 http://www.psych.org/ed u/med_students/index.cf m $5,000 Nomination Due: May 2nd http://www.aamc.org/ab out/awards/nickensschol arships.htm


March 31st

Summer School: March 15th Fall Semester/Qtr: April 15th Spring Semester/Qtr: September 15th

http://www.catchingthed ream.org/Scholarship.ht m

Chinese American Medical Society

• Latino student Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Scholarship Award • U.S. citizen • History of performing public/community service activities • Need-Based Metropolitan Life Foundation Awards Program for Academic Excellence in Medicine • 2nd thru 4th year medical student • City of residence or school attendance criteria http://www.nmfonline.org/programs/Me ritAwards/MetLife/Over view.htm $5,000 April 16th http://www.chci.org/chci youth/scholarship/schola rship.htm


February 25


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